ST won't trigger LIFX <10% brightness

Hi All, I’ve been using ST for a while now, using smart lighting app with ST motion sensors to bring on my LIFX lamps i have though the entire house. What i do is using IFTTT is ping the lights through the day to dim as the day progresses, ideally on very low through the wee hours as a nightlight only. I find though that below 10% brightness ST won’t trigger any of the lamps to come on. It works fine if i go to the LIFX app and bring them on that way. Recently LIFX brought out there own in app version to change colour and dim as the night goes on, and i thought great, ill try that and see if it fixes my problem. Not so. Im back to IFTTT and not going below 10%.
Any ideas why this is? Is it just me?


Have you tried webCoRE? It was created by one of the community developers.

I have core and webcore installed, but not currently using for lighting routines. Will give it a go and see if it makes things any better, currently i can live with they way i have it, but it would be nice to dim further at night.

I was using CoRE until the hub beta migration. ST routines can only go down to 10% but I wanted 1% for a bedroom light. I had a CoRE piston that would be triggered by a ST routine. It turned the bedroom light to 1% while all the others were at 10%.