ST Wifi Internet Connectivity Issue (April 2022)

I’m using ST WiFi (3 pack) in passthrough mode behind my old router. Basically, I’m using the 3 hubs to create the mesh network but letting my router handle the DHCP work. Now I’m wanting to test the internet speeds if I remove the old router and go straight from cable modem to ST WiFi…which was my original setup many months ago before I got frustrated with ST WiFi continually going down.

However, when trying to go back to the setup of cable modem → ST main hub, I cannot get any internet connection on any device. The green light shines brightly on the main hub telling me everything is fine, but nothing will connect to the internet. I plugged a laptop up to it via ethernet and ran the Windows network troubleshooting wizard. The only information it gave was that something was wrong with the DNS. I have unplugged everything, then brought cable modem back up followed by ST main hub. I’ve let the main hub sit unplugged for several minutes with still no luck. I’m also not able to connect to the hub with the ST app and Plume will not connect.

I’m at a loss here and don’t want to hit the reset button and have to deal with disconnecting and reconnecting all of my smart devices. Any ideas on getting the ST main hub to function as the router again would be greatly appreciated!

Current setup: cable modem → Gigabit Linksys router → Netgear switch → ST hubs + other ethernet connected devices

Desired setup: cable modem → ST main hub

Not sure if this is the same problem, but someone else reported something similar.

I would start by trying smartthings support to see if they have any suggestions.

Thanks for sharing that. It’s not quite the same problem as I can’t even get the main hub connected and passing out an internet connection to test speeds nor connect to it with Plume/ST app. Maybe still related to each other (?), but not the same symptoms. If I could get it connected and could test speeds like he mentions, then I would be perfectly happy as that is my goal right now.

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Since you mentioned Passthrough with the old router… did you leave it enabled or disable it when you connected directly to the cable modem? Or can’t access it to change it? :slight_smile:

Well with the new Plume version (sometime last year), it is now an auto detect feature so you don’t change anything. And of course to your last point, you can’t connect anyway to make any change!