ST users: be forewarned about Netatmo and Google OnHub

This isn’t specific to a ST product, but ST users do have Netatmo weather stations.

If you’re thinking of getting a Google OnHub router, you may want to hold off.

My Netatmo stopped uploading data over a four hour period, so I went back in to re-establish the wifi connection. Unfortunately, DHCP won’t work, and neither will using a manual configuration. The router shows the device connected, but the device doesn’t see itself as connected. But because the router sees it connected, it doesn’t respond to the connection request.

I’ve tried resetting the device, but no luck. I’m not going to factory reset the OnHub. Especially since devices do lose connectivity.

I finally had to dig my other router out, connect to the OnHub (wired) and use it as a router specifically for Netatmo. Yeah, this is all screwy, but I cannot use OnHub, directly, as the router. I can’t use the other router in bridge mode, either.

I have emails into both companies, but support is pretty non-existent. And Netatmo just does not have the excellent community support ST has.

I’ve never had a problem with my other devices (ST and Hue hubs, etc), so this is specifically a problem with Netatmo. But since Netatmo is a supported ST device, thought I’d post this.

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Thanks for sharing @Shelley_Powers