ST speaker that will also be used in my projector setup Is there a good solution for me?

After digging a little without finding a good solution I will try here :
Goal :
Buy speaker that I will use with ST and also act as soundbar on my projector/tv setup

This is my setup
ST v2 hub
Optoma HD 144X projector
xiaomi mi box
Old Denon receiver (HDMI input ) connected to 2 front speaker and sub .

Requirement: soundbar should be connected wirelessly to the receiver or projector as I don’t have the infrastructure to get the cable to wall where I project .

*** Sonos beam was my first choice but my projector doesn’t support HDMI arc to be able stream wirelessly .

Any Ideas ?

@JDRoberts do you know maybe ?

I’m sorry, I don’t, hopefully someone else will. :thinking:

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