ST sharing encryption key with secondary controller

I really love my Smartthings. I use it mainly as a security system, It also monitors for water leaks and closes the water supply immediately. However I see one mayor flaw and it is it’s dependence on having to be always online to work. If a problem occurs on my modem, my provider or ST servers, all of it stops working. I know this is a tradeoff for being able to dynamically modify the platform, allowing greater flexibility, but for a security system this is unacceptable.

I decided I needed a backup system so I am able to keep all the wonderful things ST brings and still feel safe when I leave the house. I ordered an Aeon USB Stick and installed Incontrol HA software on a local Windows Home Server with UPS power supply. This way, if the internet, my router or switch go out, there will still be complete autonomous functionality.

The Aeon Stick is set up as a secondary controller to my ST. All of my devices show up in Incontrol and most report and function correctly after solving the associations. There are a few Ecolink devices (contact and movement sensors) which only allow one association per group so I haven’t been able to get them reporting correctly in IC. The major problem however is my Schlage lock. I understand when a lock associates with a controller, it shares an encryption key with it. The secondary controller should be able to get the shared key from the main controller, but apparently this isn’t the case. Although the lock shows up in IC, it won’t update events and is not controllable. This is a big dent in my plan.

Does anyone know how to get the two controllers sharing the key, or if there is a way to manually copy the key from the ST and have IC sync with it?
Any help is greatly appreciated.