ST Sensors unsupported in Echo Routines?

So I’ve managed to add my SmartThings sensors into Alexa but if I try and add them into a routine they’re coming up as unsupported… I want one of my echos to announce if the front door is open and thought a routine would be just the job :frowning:

What is the model number(s) of these sensors?

Are you trying to use them as routine trigger (“when this happens”) or are you trying to use it in the routine action?
Sensors should work as the trigger for routines but cannot be used for actions (because you can’t change a sensor) and so will show as unsupported in the action side.

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you have to do things in a specific sequence in order to make them available to routines. This will involve logging out and logging back in, but again there’s a specific sequence.

Follow the instructions in the community FAQ in the wiki in the section on “activating.” You can skip the first step since you don’t have a virtual sensor. Do all of the other steps In the exact order listed even if you think you have done them before. That should fix it. :sunglasses:

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Weird cuz when I created the post either route was working both showed unsupported device… however after ready ya post I was able to create the routine thank you for the advice :+1:

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