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ST Presence Sensor Battery Level

(Ahmed) #1

I have a ST Presence sensor on my key-ring. About 6 weeks ago I changed the battery on it. But now 6 weeks on it’s reporting the battery is already at 25% this seems like a ridiculously fast discharge rate. The original battery also lasted about 8 weeks or so. Is something wrong?

(Eric) #2

sadly it is normal. Workaround has been to solder a large battery to it, or wire car power to it, which works well.

(Ahmed) #3

That’s a shame. Is there any better presence sensors that have longer lasting batteries? I guess now that I know the battery doesn’t last as long, I could buy a big pack of batteries :slight_smile:

(Brian Diehl) #4

(Robin) #5

I’ve had these things running for over 6 months… it’s not normal.

In fact, my tenants just returned a fob that has been sitting in a draw for 13 months and it’s still pinging away.

What batteries are you using?

(Ahmed) #6

around 20th of July I replaced the battery with a duracell 2032 battery. here is a pic of the battery i bought

(Robin) #7

Try Panasonic.

(Ahmed) #8

Will try Panasonic next and see how that goes