ST Power outlet switching off byitself at night

(Ahmed ElSerafy) #1


Everyday i wake up finding my smart power outlet switched off, is that a normal behavior? Nothing was connected to it when that happens…

I believe OTA as well is enabled and updated to the latest firmware…


I have similar problem except mine may turn off or turn on at random time. I installed a smartapp event logger to track and log any activities for this device and so far can seen no pattern. It turns on/off at no particular time or it behaves for weeks without an issue. My outlet is this model

(Ahmed ElSerafy) #3

Mine is the ST power outlet came with the kit, which script are you using for the event logger?


I wrote a small ST smart app that simply sends any events for any device to my webserver which write the info into a text file. Much easier to read then the ST activity log…

(John C) #5

Just curious, @fearz & @cdikland: are your automations done with Smart Lighting? Are your devices running locally?

Following up on a hunch. ST Support helped me out recently with a similar issue having similar symptoms…


Actually, the only app was one I wrote for my AC. If room temp exceeds n degrees, turn on outlet. Once temp drops down to n degrees. turn off outlet. Here is the thing… I removed the app. No other apps associated with it. Yes, the outlet may turn on/off randomly.