ST over Cellular?

What’ are some good methods to use ST over cellular? I note it does the notification, but would be nice to still monitor and control devices while you are not home

I mean ST app works great on my iPhone when I am at home, on my wifi network. But it does not work when I am at the grocery store

It should work exactly the same. Your phone does not talk to the hub even if they are on the same Wi-Fi network. The phone talks to the smartthings cloud via Internet and then the cloud talks to the hub via Internet.

Can you reach the Internet when you are at the grocery store for anything else? For example, can you bring up this forum in a browser? Or can you reach google news?

If so, it sounds like it might be an app permissions issue. You have to give the smartthings app permission to use cellular data:

some store even have free customer wifi

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I am sorry, brain fart, must have a bad internet connection when I tested this out the other day. Not to mention the poor connection

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