ST Offline, darn cats!

Currently I’m 1000 miles from my Smart Home as I finish in Illinois and move to Texas. I’ve been happy with the remote communication, it adds to my piece of mind.
A couple of days ago, I got a notification that my Smarthub went offline. Then it came back in a couple of hours. Then, it went down again about 5am. I was able to get online with my ISP and found my router was not responding. I’m thinking one of my cats already ensconced in Texas played with the power cord. I’m going through notification withdrawal right now, but will be there in less than a week to see what is going on.

Who’s been feeding the cat all this time? :smile:

pet feeder smart app?

I wish! They have a 3 lb feeder.

The litter box is more of an issue than the food.

(BTW a pet sitter is coming over a couple of times a week.)