ST no longer see Hue lights

Frustrating! Seems like all of sudden my android ST app no longer recognizes my Hue lights. I tried going thru the connect app, and it still lists all the lights. The IP address has always been static. But, when I go to lights/switches, it does not accurately reflect the current state. Also, smart apps are not turning them on as expected.

This used to work. If I have to reconnect all my hue lights I’m giving up on this. Anyone else having this experience?

Open up the hue connect app and let it run for a little and it will find your new IP. Then after it finds the new IP set a static IP on your hue Hun withing the hue app.

A search of the forum will find many threads on this topic as well.

Hi Tim. Thanks for the suggestion but I’ve already been using an assigned IP to the ST hub. This only recently started happening. None of my other android apps for controlling hue are acting up… Only ST.

Still re run the connect app

Think I’ve narrowed down the culprit. The app “Hue Mood Lighting” is not triggering when modes change and current mode is X. Might start a new thread for this.

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