ST Multisensor Transition Issues with Tilt Detection

Thanks for checking on this!

Any status on this? Mine went down, so I removed and readded. No way to switch it anymore.

Hi @Jeff_Klaus1 in this case the original DTH did not have the preference to use the sensor as a garage door, that’s why you needed to change it from the old Groovy IDE and that’s why it’s not included in the driver. like the previous user, you can download the SmartThings Driver, add this preference and update the driver to meet what you want to accomplish.

I guess I don’t understand. I’ve added a few different edge drivers, but none of them are listed when I try to change the drivers from the app. I’m not sure why it just decided to switch to “Zigbee Thing” in the first place, which was why I removed and paired it again. The only other drivers listed is just Zigbee Thing.

In this new world, every device is identified by its “fingerprint”…essentially a unique ID to identify the specific product you are trying to connect. The fingerprint is used to match to potential drivers. In your case, it does not sound like your device is supported by ST supplied drivers or the Edge drivers that you have added to your hub. Many of us have had devices abandoned in this transition, but I’m happier to be here as the architecture appears to be far better than the past.

If a driver matches to the fingerprint, it will be offered as an alternate driver for that device.

Makes total sense. It’s an original branded Smartthings device. I guess I’ll find another use for it. Maybe I’ll hunt down the other half of it and use it as an open/close instead of the tilt sensor. Oh well. Thanks all.

I’m curious about it, Is the device a SmartThings sensor? and that is true, Do you know what a model is?

I can physically look at it when I get home, but here’s what it shows online…


I’m having same issue. Stopped working on the 9th of August. Interested if there is a resolution.

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I have both a Gen 1 and Gen 2 smarthings multi. Can’t get tilt to work with either one. Is there no way to do tilt on either one anymore.

Hi @Lane_Hudson Do your problem that you can’t use it as a garage door?
@mcbay For the first generation of SmartThings multisensor models, this option is no longer officially supported. about Gen 2 Can you give more information or your device to investigate it?

In case someone wants to try this possible solution


Yes, that is correct. Also my original Smart things motion sensor stopped working as well.

Planned Obsolescence, I get it.



I got @Mariano_Colmenarejo driver working now with my original CentraLite 3321-S multipurpose sensors. When I tried the driver back in January, I just changed over to the driver in SmartThings. However, today I thought I’d give this driver another try, and again it didn’t work after changing over to this driver. However, the trick for my V2 Hub to get this driver working was to remove the device from SmartThings, then reset it and rescan to add it back where it picked this driver and my CentraLite 3321-S is fully functional now. So I’ll have to take the time to deal with the other three 3321-S multipurpose sensors I have to get them migrated over you this driver using remove/rescan.

Thank you @Mariano_Colmenarejo for doing something that the SmartThings staff cannot do by making the CentraLite 3321-S multipurpose sensor model fully functional in SmartThings Edge.

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I think You have to uninstall and reinstall them because smartthings has removed the execution of the init lifecycle in driver change processes and this is making this feature useless for many devices, including many devices that use stock drivers.

Every time someone makes a change from one driver to another, they risk leaving their device partially or totally inoperative.

I don’t know if it only affects firmware beta 49.8 or versions 48 as well

But no one in smartthings seems to care, except @nayelyz, who already reported it.


I’ve uninstalled my devices and reinstalled which got the devices using the correct edge driver. The axis correctly tracks but the contact doesn’t change state.

I’m curious if you might be able to tell me what I’m doing wrong?

You have to orient the sensor in the position that you want it to be closed and see which axis, x, y or z shows a value > 900 mG.

Place the sensor in the open position and check that the x, y or z axis shows a value < 100 mG.

The axis that meets the two conditions for closed and open is the one you have to choose in preferences as the axis to establish the closed and open event.


Sorry to bother you, but I can’t seem to figure this out. Using your driver , when the sensor is in “closed” position, I get x: -12, y: -235, z: -13
In open position, I get x: -32, y: 39, z: -5

It looks like the y axis is changing between open/close, but not 100/900 degrees (what is mG unit of measure?)
Setting axis to “y” does not trigger closure detection though - always shows open.

Hi @jj14

mG are thousandths of G, local gravity. 1g = 9.8 m/s².

At some position one of the x, y or z axes has to be aligned with the local gravity, depending on the orientation of the sensor and will measure about +/- 1000 mG.

If no axis measures about 1000 mG, it is either in positions intermediate to the local vertical or it does not measure acceleration correctly.

The device may not have been configured correctly.

Try to uninstall a reinstall device