ST Multipurpose sensor to turn on outlet?

So I have installed a ST Multi sensor and a ST Outlet. I would like to have the MultiS turn on the Outlet when the MultiS is moved (not opening/closing the contact). For some reason, I can’t select the MultiS as anything other than a Open/Close device. How can I get the MultiS to trigger the Outlet by movement/vibrations?



Use smartlighting, and then choose “active/inactive” as the trigger. You’ll then be allowed to select the multi sensor as the trigger device.


Thanks JD! Now, I can see where I can easily have it turn the outlet off if movement stops, but is there a way to have it turn off the outlet if there is no movement for say, 30 mins?

Also, can you not rename automations inside of Smart Lighting? Right now when I open the Smart Lighting SmartApp (their naming convention is not very good), it shows my turn on outlet automation as “Turn on Office Outlet when stops moving”. But it actually turns on the Outlet when it (the MultiS) starts moving. Seems a little odd.

It’s the next two screens when you set up the automation.

In each case, double tap the button to the right of the phrase.

First, do your “turn off after…” Settings

And then at the very end you get to edit the automation name.

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Thanks again JD. It was not at all apparent that turning the “Turn off after motion stops” on would allow for more options. I guess after using the app and devices more, you learn those types of behaviors.

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That’s SmartThings: there’s almost always a way to do something, but finding out that way often feels much harder than it should be! :wink: