ST Multi-Sensor battery reporting issues

I have had 2 (battery dead) multisensors stop reporting at 78% battery level.
I also have 1 motion sensor (battery 6 months old) that always reports 100% battery level.
These are genuine Samsung Smartthings Sensors.

There are many postings of battery level reporting issues here, and elsewhere on the internet.
Is Samsung not going to do anything about this?

I have personally decided to stop implementing Smartthings, for I have 3 different locations that all have various problems.

I have 2 of the Gear S3 watches that I still am unable to control any of my Smartthings with…

I have also had thousands of dollars of water damage, that could have been prevented if the (poorly designed) Samsung Smartthings water leak sensor could have notified me before it shorted out…!
It is really sad to see how Samsung is not taking IoT seriously - treating it like a “consumer” product.

I hope to soon find a different IoT ecosystem that has a real backbone to it.