ST multi sensor battery died didn't notice for months

I have a ST multi sensor on my back door, for security at moment. Not using it for much more.

However in the iOS app it states battery at 67%, I then happened to look on events and nothing there? Strange. Decided today to change battery, and lo and behold it came to life. Battery at 100%. Looked in the recently tab, shows today’s event, and last one in Nov 2016!?!

So why did it show 67% off last and never notified me etc that was low battery. Some security device…

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yes it’s frustrating.

I have an ST 2015 multisensor that never seems to report battery, but updates temperature and contacts often. Is that amazing battery performance, or buggy hardware, or buggy device type? I think the answer is “don’t rely on it”.

I have been supervising all devices battery and last-report-time on “Simple Device Viewer”. Every week, it’s not too bad once a week, can do it from anywhere.

I have a motion sensor that I found has been dead for who knows how long. Battery last reported it was at 88%.

Had the same on a ST motion as well except notified that sooner as switches lights on, but this also reported a high battery level…

I had the same issue with the ST Motion and the Multi sensor. The battery reports first 100% then after a couple of days it drops to 88% and stays like that for 6 months and then the device stops reporting. When you check the battery it still shows between 2.9-3.0v but when you use a battery tester it shows that the battery is depleted. The problem is with the Device Handler that assumes that the voltage has to drop down to 2.1v (or something like that) so when the battery never drops below 2.9v the DH will never report less then 88%. I use Panasonic for the CR2450.

Had a water sensor today with the data frozen. Was not sending any info. Just showed dry, a temperature, and battery level (don’t remember the level but was at least 70%).
But when you looked at the recent activity there was nothing and when you selected the poll refresh button (don’t know what else to call it) nothing happened.
Pulled the battery out and nothing changed in ST app
Removed the water sensor from the app and put the battery back and then reinstalled the water sensor.
Now it’s polling correctly and shows 100% battery (same battery)

Be nice if we could set option of notification if device has not poll recently.

I recently found out that one of my motion sensor hadn’t been reporting for over 2 weeks. The battery level was ~90%. Once I reinsert the battery it’s working again.

I have since been running the device monitor smartapp . Then I found out one of my leak sensors hasn’t been working neither.

So the device monitor smartapp didn’t notify you of three leak not working either?

Seems to be a common issue with devices stop working, battery life not working etc

Oh sorry, I wasn’t clear. What I meant was I didn’t know the leak sensor wasn’t working until I started running the device monitor. It’s a great smartapp, it automatically sends me notification if selected devices haven’t been reporting for a preset amount of time. I can also view a status report if I open up the smartapp from my phone.

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Brilliant, ok I’ll install that then and then at least I’ll know. Obviously the battery level doesn’t work then reliably at all.


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Well the same sensor, even with a new battery is sticking again on open. Is it broke? Battery when I replaced said was 100% it says now 89% but I stuck on open when its actually closed…

Try to remove it from smartthings and reset the sensor and add it back. I had to do that to get my malfunction leak sensor to work again.

When I put the new battery in though it started to work. I installed the smartapp and got a notification (I set it to only be between 5pm and 9pm daily), and it reported stopped at 2pm today…

You may have to wait a little longer to see if it comes back. I don’t know what exactly determines the interval of reporting, but I often have various sensors which wouldn’t report for 6 hours and more and then came back.

OK I’ll extend the t I’ll me to 8 hours before it’s closed as inactive.

However the m UI lot sensor is showing opened all the time but it’s actually not. Strange though as it’s still reporting the temperature…?