ST Multi as a Glass Break Sensor

(Kmugh) #1

I am considering the ST Multi sensor for my windows/doors - since it can detect vibrations, can this
sensor double as a glass breakage sensor (the sensor will be mounted on the window frame, and not on the window glass itself)

I also wanted to know the operating range of this sensor (Amazon reviews seem to suggest that
the pairing range is 15ft).


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(Andrew Urman) #2

@kmugh It wasn’t built as a glass break sensor, but it could theoretically work. It will sense movement and large shakes. But I cannot guarantee it as a glass break sensor.

The range differs depending on your house, pretty similar to Wi-Fi. 15ft if you are all brick. 20-30 in better conditions. There are also devices that can act as repeaters.

(Kmugh) #3

Thanks very much for the information Andrew. For the range, I guess I will have to purchase one and
make sure it works around the house.
Separately, what do you mean by devices that can act as repeaters? I assume most of STs offerings
are Zigbee - do I need to buy a separate repeater, or do Zigbee devices also act as repeaters?

Are there any glass break sensors that I can use with ST (or any way I can make one)?

(Andrew Urman) #4

@kmugh powered devices will act as range extenders. So the SmartPower outlet or the SmartSense Motion when USB powered will act as ZigBee range extenders.

I’m not sure if there are anything built specifically as a glass break sensor on the market right now. They work by passing electrical current and if disrupted they go off right? Not sure how you would build that off the top of my head.

(Adam H) #5

Some third-party door/window sensors have screw-down terminals inside to support additional two-wire sensors (reed switches, etc.). The Schlage and Monoprice sensors both have them I believe. You should be able to use those terminals to install a two-wire glass shock sensor:


(Kmugh) #6

@urman Based on my (insufficient) online research, there are two types of glass break sensors:

  1. Sensors that detect vibrations - you need to stick the sensor to the window glass panes and it picks up any shock/vibration (this is what I want to try using the ST multi-sensor as, given that it will be mounted on the window frame and not the glass pane itself)
  2. Sensors that detect a glass break from the noise of glass shattering - the sensor is mounted in a central location and it just keeps listening for frequencies that a glass shatter can create

May be there is a third kind as you mentioned.

@essidle Thanks Adam, I will check out the Monoprice sensors - any resource on how to connect them, etc?

(Adam H) #7

They’re pretty standard. SmartThings doesn’t have a device type for them, but there are custom ones available. You can download them here:

Attaching a 2-wire sensor is simple as well; there is a small punch-out on the contact sensor to feed the wire into the body and two screw terminals to screw the wires down. There is some information on it in the contact sensor user’s manual. It’s a very easy installation, I’ve started doing them on my own windows using the same items.