ST Motion Sensors. What's going on?

What’s up with the ST motion sensors alerts this evening in wrong mode. I have it set for “away” mode only and even though I am very much in “home” mode… I am continuously getting push and texts. Both powered and non-powered. Opening a ticket.

Haven’t touched these settings for months…

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Also can ST explain this difference (motion)

If you want to do some sleuthing …

I believe that the events that are related to state of the Shortcut tiles in the Dashboard views can be traced on the Live Logging web page; but I don’t no what level of detail these traces go to.

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I am looking for some use cases to repurpose these motion sensors… One suggestion I received; Can we toss them in the washer/dryer when doing laundry? Not mine but missus’s idea! :wink: Along with dishwasher or her closet(s)… Closet makes sense though…if she had her way… She would glue them to her iPhone and iPad so that she knows when I am trying to update those or trying to check if ST app is running on her iPhone when she’s sleeping. :slight_smile:

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Well… Do you have a glass door on the washer and/or dryer?

You might be able to aim them towards the loads and they can detect whether or not there is still machine activity (maybe … depends on whether the sensor picks up movement from non-warm-bodies.

Mine are vintage museum quality maytags inherited from previous owners who lived in this house for 28 yrs. remember I am a first year first time home owner of a late sixties house in Jersey. :wink:

How the heck did you end up with a Motion panel?, me want that…

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Under Solution Apps…

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Well I’ve got 11 of em…

Sorry: Dashboard, +, Alerts, Motion.

Nice, thanks for that!


@smart I have seen the bug where there is a difference in the first panel showing motion and then you look and none of the motion detectors are showing any motion. There has been some overall weirdness with all of the ui showing the proper states of devices for the last two weeks. I have submitted a couple of tickets myself. For me logging out of the app and back in usually brings things back in sync. It would be handy to have some sort of refresh mechanism in the app.

So very funny! The lion asks how to hunt! :wink: