ST motion sensors getting flakey (offline or not triggering)

I’ve got 2 ST motion sensors (2 years old) that have gotten flakey at the same time recently.

1 was offline. I changed the battery for good measure. It worked briefly but went offline again. I reset it by removing & replacing the battery again and but now after reporting “motion detected” long after motion stopped (like 20 min) it is now back to offline.

Another one is online but is not triggering when there is motion most of the time (sometimes it works) . The battery reports as 60%. I have tried rebooting it by removing and re-inserting the battery.

Wifi levels are strong (eero). ST hub is Samsung 3rd gen with allowing firmware updates. I rebooted it after these problems began. Firmware version 000.041.00009. Controller version 2.2.15-4

Any advice??

I have read reports before about flakey ST motion sensors, but they were the SmartSense ones, the 2015 models.

I would advise check the driver/DH what you are using for them, make sure you are using good batteries. The old 2015 models had a sticker saying what batteries should be used, due to the shape difference of the battery, but the terminal could be bent to work with other ones as well. The only important thing is the terminal should not short the battery what can cause quick depletion.

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