ST Motion Sensor Recently logs

I am a new user. I have 2 motion sensors that are working. It picks up my movement and it records it to the ST app.
My question is… Is there a way to delete these entries? They are picking up our movement in the house and recording them in the App. At some point there will be thousands of them, so there has to be a way to get rid of them and just save the most recent.
A second question is…Can I shut off the motion sensor when I am home, and only have them sense movement when I am Arm/Away or Arm/Stay?

Thanks in advance

Don’t worry about the event feed to the mobile app; it isn’t being stored in your phone, it doesn’t build up, you don’t need to do anything about it, other than ignore it if you want.

You can’t “shut off” a motion sensor. But you can decide what and when it causes an automation to run. What are you using your motion sensors for? If it’s just for security with SHM, you don’t need to shut them off. Motion sensors fire a lot whenever there is motion. This does not cause any problems.

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I use them just for motion for possible intruders. Also for the temp, in the winter if I am not home. How long does the battery last with all this movement in the house?

Then you really don’t need to do anything at all about them. Relax. They are fine. And even with all of the motion events the batteries will still last a good long time.

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Typically more than a year, for the old Smartsense/Centralite? square motion sensor with CR123. My oldest is Dec2014 and battery is still 88%.

the new version with coil cell CR2450, probably not AS long but dunno.

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