ST Motion Sensor Outdoor Installation

Anyone have a nifty way to install a ST motion device outside? I’m thinking a “discrete” Plexiglas type of housing.

I’d like to extend hub range and sense motion of arrival simultaneously by utilizing a sensor outdoors. I think the benefits would be pretty nice. I realize there are devices from other manufacturers that can be used outdoors but the ST detectors seem to be dependable in my network. I also have one inside my garage that’s not being utilized at all.


Note the SmartSense Motion detector will not extend range unless you power it via USB.

Thanks @scottinpollock, I am aware of that and should have no issues providing power if I find a way to protect the device from the elements.

There are a number of cases made for divers and hikers to keep things dry that are available in clear polycarbonate. Not sure whether this one will fit as I don’t have the motion detectors dimensions in front of me, but I use one for my phone when I am out on the water. Very nicely made.

Thanks! I clipped that to Evernote for consideration.

Well, the big benefit of mounting the SS motion is that it extends the ZIGBEE range (which if you’re using presence sensors is the range you need extended). The other motion sensors are z-wave I believe.

I thought about doing this too myself @dawgonking. I had two solutions, neither of which worked for me. My first attempt was with a dome from a security camera I had. Nice clear, small… just barely bigger than the motion sensor itself… but that was part of the problem… it was no big enough. The sensor wouldn’t fit inside.

My second idea was to use the top from a CD spindle. You know those spindles of 50 blanks CD and they have that cylinder top on them? I figured was thinking about mounting it on the underside of the eave on my garage and then gluing/taping this over (under?) it to semi-protect it. I almost went down this road but I was worried how it would look and getting power to the area might have proved hard as well.

In the end I mounted the sensor in an upstairs window facing down my road. It works very well to extend the network, but I do lose the “motion sensor” part of it.

Not the same but, I have the most hacked way of using my Dropcam outside. I just cut a hole in plastic tub (like the large kind you get soup in from Chinese takeout places) and taped in in place. It does not look great but gets the job done for the time being.

Good stuff. Yeah, it’s all about presentation as this point. No issues with power. I like the way a thermostat cover looks. I will update with pictures when I decide what to use. I plan on doing this Tues/Wed when my Jasco on/off switches arrive. I’m already gonna have pegboard off the garage wall to run wire for new security lighting.

When complete, my home is gonna flash like a strip club when someone sets of a multi-sensor. :wink:

You guys think the SS would work when viewed through something like this?

I do. It might diminish the range/sensitivity a little but that might be a good thing.