ST Motion Sensor - False Motion Alerts

I found a couple other posts about this and I did find the bug report on the wiki. It said to continue reporting these issues to support if you are still having them, I’ve never had to report anything to support so I’m not sure where that should go. Obviously there’s the Support link at the top of this site, but wasn’t sure if the developers prefer a more direct method via this forum or something.

At this point I’m getting 10 or so a day, which is annoying since it’s linked to the lights in my garage.

The battery is currently at 78% so I will replace the battery as I’ve read that can fix this issue…seems crazy I have to replace a battery that’s only at 78%…I’d almost rather modify the device handler and change it so that it considers 78% to be 0% as far as time to replacement goes. Since it seems anything below 80% causes the device to be barely usable.

My motion sensor firmware is currently: 0x1F015310

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First, you’re lucky! Second, shoot an email to

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I had the same thing happen on the weekend. It has been fine again in the last few days. Very confusing.

You could always put them where I have put mine.
In the bin!!!
I have found thats the best place for them.

Hi @chadbaldwin,

I and a lot of people that use motion sensors have or had this problem with false positives. I recommand that you loock to the following thread for a community solution created by @Mike_Maxwell. He has created code for an app which I use to have 2 or more motion sensors joined into a motion zone. If only one sensor becomes active, than this may be a false positive and the zone will not trigger. If all of the sensors are triggered in a certain time frame, than the zone is active and you can use that zone as a motion sensor for SHM in ST or Smart Alarm.

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Hi @bobbles,

That is not a productive comment. If you want a solution, please read my post.

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Well that told me!!!
I have Fibaro, Hue, Xiaomi and Orvibo motion sensors.
None of the above give false positives.
ST ones do.
Why should we as a consumer have to buy double the amount of a product to overcome a product problem.
Whilst I totally agree that the solution you suggest is a ‘good way round the problem’ it is not an actual solution, it is a work round.
Hence my comment about the bin which was tongue in cheek but it didn’t come across that way.
At the end of the day it’s whatever works for you/me/everyone that counts.
Happy automating. :grinning:
EDIT. BTW this is in no way a reflection on the Smart Zone solution. It is a brilliant app

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I can testify to the fact that I had tested ST motion, Xiaomi and Aeotek motion devices and all have false positive issues. And given the right circumstances all of the above will give false positive results. That is why I strongly recommend using the @Mike_Maxwell zone solution. If multiple sensors in a specific zone get a trugered event which can also include open/closed sensors, than that thone becomes active and you get a True positive.

Oh well, I must only have the right circumstances when I use ST motion sensors.
I also agree that Mike’s app is a brilliant way of doing things.
Time to bow out of this thread as my tongue in cheek comment has already caused too much agro.

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There is always room for a healthy discussion. Thank you for a productive conversation.