St motion sensor during the day

I’ve set this up today to turn on my hall light. Is there a way so that it doesn’t turn on during the day?

Go to market place and use the smart lighting app. You can put a time in when you don’t and when you do want the light to come on.

Cheers thanks for that

My solution is to restrict switch On events during ST Modes. I have Modes that start at Sunrise, Sunset and typical bedtime set times.

During the “day” Mode, I turn on and set brightness and color temp or don’t turn on at all, depending on the typical lighting in the room (no luminance sensors). During “night” mode, I allow all lights to turn on, usually at 50% dim and/or change the color temp. During “sleep” mode, I allow only certain lights to turn on with motion and I also change color (red/blue/etc) and I generally set level to 10-20% depending on the color/temp of light used.

This is mostly done via the Smart Lighting Smartapp as @Richy stated.

What lights are you using?

You can do this with CoRE too. Just another option. I have the master bath and bedroom lights go 100% from 10am to 10pm. Then 20% at night so they act a night light.

Just set a restriction using time.