ST Motion Detectors unresponsive out of the box

Just received 3 ST motion detectors from Amazon. All 3 were unresponsive out of the box. Failed to connect upon pulling of the tape and not even a LED at all when inserting the battery and pressing the connect button. This also includes the one I returned to Amazon about a month ago…that makes 4 bad motion detectors. And …YES…I did try new batteries…!! I have many smart things plus 3 working motion detectors and I know how to pair them…! Their is an apparent bad batch of motion detectors that need testing…!!! I’ve contacted support and awaiting a response before contacting Amazon.

Suggest you send them back to Amazon and get another brand. I went through two sets of the ST motion sensors and both failed. I was able to return and moved on to something else.

I went with the Ecolink Zwave device. I like how ZWave perform and being somewhat platform independent. Range on the ST devices is limited in my experience. I use ZWave GE switches throughout my house and the Zwave mesh gives me good range.

Not pushing Ecolink, but ST devices are not reliable and also expensive for what you get, IMO.

I would head out to Lowes and pick up their Iris motion sensor (in the purple box). It’s a lot smaller and once paired will work exactly the same as the SmartSense Motion. You can even set it to use the default SmartSense devicetype so that it runs locally.