ST Mobile Users Unable To Enter Own Login Details (Temp Fix)

Hi All

I know there have been a few people here who cannot sign in to the Smartthings Mobile app with their own Samsung ID.
Instead the app tries to log you in with the Samsung account already setup on your device.

I have found find two solutions (on Android) that can be used to work around this.
I have tried and tested this on my Samsung Note 8 and have this working.

#Solution 1
Create multiple users on the account and used those ID’s to log in to the ST app.
If you have a lot of devices like me this list could be come long.

#Solution 2
Note: You will need to have a rooted phone.

Uninstall the Samsung Account app (note its a system app) and install Samsung Account v2.2.01
The reason for installing this version is because this is the last release version that doesn’t have the Privacy (Customisation Service) setting.
I have found that this is the reason causing our devices not to accept the new logins.

Now set up the Samsung Account on your device.
After this, start the ST Mobile app and use you own details to log in.

You can now leave this version of Samsung Account on your phone (so far I haven’t found any side effects yet) or upgrade to the version that was on your device (mine was v2.2.04).

If you upgrade the Samsung Account app and you accidently log out the ST Mobile app, you will lose the ability to enter your own details again and will need to follow the above instructions again.

If anyone else has any other suggestions or wish to comment about this method please use this thread.

In future, I hope Samsung allows us to login to the mobile app using our own details and not force us to use the current account on device.

I’m not sure if I’m allow to post the links of the Samsung Connect app, please use Google to find