ST lock that fits in a multipoint locking door

Hello community, looking for a recommendation on smart locks.

I have a security door with a multipoint lock system.
The deadbolt looks like this:

This lock has the peculiarity that it needs two complete key turns to close and two complete turns to open.

I have been reviewing installation and features of all the Yale, KwikSet, August, etc. locks and they seem to be conceived for half turn right/half turn left. A simple lock mechanism.

Do you know of any ST lock that could fit in a multipoint door? No need to replace the deadbolt but I could if necessary.

I found Yale ENTR that would fulfil tall requirements but it is bluetooth, no Zigbee or Zwave connection.
Also found Xiaomi Mijia Sherlock M1 and Vima Smart Lock that seems it could do the job, but no clear info about ST integration.

Any simple comment will help me a lot!! Thanks!!

You may need something like a Nuki lock that supports upto 720 degree turns.

Looks good. Thanks!
I am also considering DanaLock, with the inconvenience that I need to check my current cylinder, and that one provided with the lock doesn´t seem that robust.
Any other recommendation?

And here is the Nuki integration now