ST,Lannouncer, Big Talk and VLC thing --need setup help with SHM

Please excuse my long thread…newbie just getting started.
So my house is light config is setup with Hue and Caseta which are controlled by Homekit/Siri and Amazon/Alexa. Works perfect.

Smarthing Hub I have doors and motion sensors config and working. This past week after lots of reading I installed Lannouncer on an Samsung S6 connected to a bluetooth speaker. I installed Bigtalker smartapp also. Works good.
Installed VLC thing also on a computer and connected another bluetooth speaker, this also works great.
I am using VLC/Bigtalk to announce open and closed door events.That all I need it for.
In SHM I have 2 problems.

  1. I am using Lannouncer as a Siren when my house is armed but the volume is very low. I set Lannouncer volume to loud but still. I even coonect my Lannouncer device wired to speaker and still low volume. Connected it to my bluetooth stereo receiver and still low volume… How can I increase the siren to be loud enough?
  2. Why am I only seeing lannouncer in my SHM config as only a siren? In the lannouncer thing I can test all the different effects( strobe, siren, speak, tone etc) and it works. I would like to atleast use tone and speak in SHM also.
    Thank you.

Whenever you have a question about a specific custom smartapp, you will get the quickest answer by asking in the author’s thread about that smartapp. The author will be automatically notified of your question, and other people who are using the same smartapp will also see who may be able to help. :sunglasses:

So in this case, ask your question in the following thread and people should be able to help you there:

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Thanks…I did

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Hey, @jays did you ever get a resolve on your question #2? thanks. FTC