ST Italy Frequency and Homebridge/Rollershutter Info

Hi guys,

i’m currently use Z-Wave network with Raspberry+Z-Way but I want to switch to ST to have just one single hub that support Google Home, Siri and also ZigBee (Xiaomi Sensors). My current Z-Wave network are composed by:

6x Fibaro FGR-222
1x Qubino Roller Shutter
1x Fibaro FGS-213
2x Fibaro FGS-223
6x Xiaomi Temp/Hum Sensors (currenlty attached to Xiaomi Gateway)

All my Z-Wave modules use 868Mhz Frequency (so I assume that UK v2 HUB version should be compatibile), but my only doubt is about integration with the rollershutter and homebridge.

Has anyone integrated this HUB with a rollershutter and Siri (Homebridge)?