ST Integration with ADT Canopy - Update on ETA?

The SmartThings integration with Scout & ADT Canopy was announced in January '16. The Scout professional monitoring is obviously already available for SmartThings customers, but I haven’t seen any updates on ADT Canopy since the initial announcement. Is this still planned?? …I want to sign up for professional monitoring soon & want to know my options.



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I have also been wondering about the progress with ADT Canopy as well as a cellular-based backup internet connection.

Have any of the ADT canopy partners turned it on yet? It looks to me like the holdup may be on the ADT side. It was originally announced for SmartThings, wink, Lowes Iris, ring, and a couple of others back in January 2016.

Ring has integration with ADT Pulse, but not Canopy. You would think if it was available, they’d have it right away, but they don’t. And Lowes did add monitoring in late April, but not through ADT.

So unless I missed one, my guess would be that ADT hasn’t turned it on yet.

ST support for a USB LTE modem would be nice!

I’m actually going to handle this on my own, as I need it ASAP (and could potentially leverage it for other things). I plan on signing up for a professional security monitoring service through ST and obviously want to make sure that a cut in my wired Internet connection doesn’t prevent the authorities from getting notified during a break-in.

There are many different ways to do this - some SOHO routers support LTE USB modems and can handle initiating the backup connection when the primary wired connection goes down. In my case, I’m going to use a combination of a less preferred route to a VzW MiFi Home LTE device in combination with a health check script on my wired connections. …I’m an SE for a networking/security manufacturer, so I have the gear to play with. :slight_smile:

VzW MiFi Home:

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