ST hub with HUE hub connected creates doubles

Hi all.
I have connected a lot of bulbs to my Hue hub, and then connected the Hue hub to my ST hub, to get the bulbs into ST.

Now I have the problem, that every time I do a search, I get doubles. All the bulbs that are imported from Hue, gets presented as a bulb connected to ST.

I connected them to the Hue hub, to avoid hitting the limit on connected devices in ST.

Can I get away from that, or is it just a thing to live with ?

(Luckily, the doubles are all put in one room, by default, so I know which ones to delete)

Do you remember what option you selected when adding them?

There are three options for adding Hue lights and devices:

  • Choose Next on Add Device → Partner Devices Add → Phillips Hue which is a direct connection between your ST hub and Hue hub.
  • Choose “linking your account” on Add Device → Partner Devices Add → Phillips Hue which is a cloud to cloud connection between Hue and ST
  • Use a community developed Edge driver to link your ST hub and Hue hub.

My first thought is you may have added by two of the methods mentioned. (my guess direct connection by clicking Next and the linked services).

You can go to Menu → Settings → Linked services to verify that is enabled. I would imagine you do not need it if using a direct connection.

on you hue devices in the ST app, you can click on the 3 dots - if you see Driver listed - that device is using the direct connection, if you do not see Driver listed then it is using the cloud to cloud integration (Linked service).

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Hi jkp.
I added them years ago, before the “new” ST, so there was’nt the options, as you describe. But the new ones that I’ve just added yesterday, also keeps comming in as doubles, when I scan the network.

I can see the driver in ST app, for the Hue hub, so it looks like it’s connected directly.

But what is the solution to avoid the doubles ?

The option to add the Hue hub as a direct connection or cloud to cloud has been available for years but it has always been difficult to notice due to the funky UI design.

Recommend → check to see if the linked service for Philips Hue is listed. If it is, you may want to remove it and just stick with the direct connection since you have a ST hub. But - if the linked service is the one that was installed years ago and you have any Routines that use them… you will need to recreate the Routines.

also, login to the Advanced Web App and look through your driver and devices lists to see if anything sticks out.

other options

  • remove all hue devices and start fresh but this requires to set up Routines/Scenes again
  • contact ST directly to see if they can assist

:point_up_2:try this

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Yep. That’s what I did on the long run. Step by step. because 4 locations. I think (10 cts) you cannot even get the linked Hue service in the new app any more. So have no more linked services from Hue in my list, but only direct connect ST<–>Hue hubs.
And, when I switch off a Hue bulb, I get fast offline info from ST.
Curious if that will stay. Offline info was always a mess.

Edit. Not always offline info in ST from Hue

I can’t speak for the android app but cloud to cloud (linked service) is still available on iOS. Add Device → Partner Devices Add → in very small print closer to the top → You can also add devices by linking your account. This is on the screen with Next at the bottom. Clicking on your “link your account” takes you to an authentication screen to link Hue to ST (good for those with no ST hub). If you Click on Next at the bottom of the screen, it takes you to adding a direct connection (between ST and Hue hubs).

And after that you see the Hue hub listed? Should not be the case then?

I haven’t used the linked service in quite some time. If I remember correctly - the hue hub does not appear in the ST app when using the cloud to cloud integration (but I believe I may be wrong so the answer should be I don’t know). You can always tell if a hue device is using direct or cloud to cloud. if you open… tap 3 dots… if Driver appears then it is using the direct connection (either by setting up Hue connection or community developed driver). If Driver is not listed then it is using the cloud to cloud integration.

Exactly. In that case you see no hub. I see the Hue hub now everywhere. I only can test on one location, but when I switch a bulb off, it immediately shows offline in the app etc. Curious if its is the case everywhere.
All my Hue bulbs show “local” in “advanced” which is nice.

I’m having this same issue as of this morning. I was just looking at the new devices and the driver and it says “smartthings driver for matter switch devices” So I’m guessing the bulbs are matter compliant and now can connect directly to the smartthings hub. But that results in duplicate devices because they were already connected via the hue hub.