ST HUB + Motion Sensor + Door Sensor + Honeywell ZWAVE thermostat

I am fresh to this stuff. was looking for a way to smart control my Daikai ducted air-con.
Here is what I want to accomplish:
When door opens (door sensor), check motion sensor. If motion sensor doesn’t detect any movement in the area, turn off air-con. The idea is to turn off air-con when people leave the room.
Is that easily programmable? or not feasible at the moment.

appreciate ur help!

I can see webcore being able to do this no problem. It could look like this
Door opens
Motion stays unchanged for 8 seconds

Turn off ac

Might need to tweek a bit in order to make it eork how you like and work best. Because mption sensors stay active for a few seconds once activated it can be a lityle tricky to get it to work so messing around with webcore a bit should give you what your looking for

thanks bro. Going to place an order on amazon