ST Favorites in iPhone

I have added ST to my iPhone widgets and all works great except I cannot tell the state of the ST routines. For example, if I activate my alarm in the house, I cannot tell which that it is active. It only changes color for a brief second and then goes back to the stand blue.

It would be great if the active routine changed to green when active so I could tell that the alarm is active.

Anybody have any ideas?

A “Routine” does not have a status, but you may want to know if it was activated. The routine is a group of actions based on the conditions you set or a button press via the widget. Only thing the color changes are telling you is that the routine was activated. Smart Home Monitor(alarm) status cannot be shown on the home screen of your phone using the native widgets, it’s only shown in the dashboard of the app.

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Hi @tomy51,

Unfortunately that is not in the cards as ST never promised to have any feature like the one you described.
I would recommend to have a Push Notification setup for the mode change.

I highly doubt they will update anything with the Classic widget since all their mobile dev resources are now focused on the new app (which doesn’t have a widget yet)

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