[ST EDGE] Zooz Edge Driver Channel

It looks like multiple users are experiencing problems editing routines so hopefully ST will have the problem fixed soon, but in the meantime you should be able to delete and re-create them if needed…

Thanks for the response. It does show up as an on/off, so I was able to get it mostly working. Since it is not siren device it doesn’t directly integrate with the home monitor. I added some routines to help with turning it off when an alarm is raised.

You could try @philh30 “Z-Wave masquerade” driver. With that you can make a Z-Wave switch look like 12 different devices including an Alarm which you should be able to connect to STHM.

I use it to make a Z-Wave Tilt sensor look like a Smoke detector. It doesn’t work with my Eaton Z-Wave switches for some reason.

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The Accept button on the Zooz Edge Driver Channel yields an internal server error at the moment.

Just tagging along for the internal error… error.

It seems to be working now

Appreciate this. Mine paired as edge with the stock driver and I couldn’t figure out how to get the led flash to stop. Using phil30’s driver worked great on my 15902 motion sensor

@krlaframboise I have reached out twice to Smartthings with no response, any plans to add support for V1 also? [Update] Smartthings responded back suggesting that this is not a device that “Works with Smartthings” per the below:

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

In regards to your query, I truly appreciate your interest in using this product with SmartThings. Unfortunately, the product that you mentioned is not included in our Works With SmartThings device.

Please check out the Works With SmartThings page for the list of certified devices that we support.

However, we’re constantly adding new products to our list of compatible products and I’ve considered it as a product request.

At this time, we do not have an estimated time as to when but you can keep an eye out on newly added devices to SmartThings by keeping your app up to date and checking our
Works With SmartThings List | SmartThings page.

I hope this device gets added to our compatible products list soon.

FYI, Samsung has completed the firmware update for wifi and connect hubs so we are up to 45.11. I tested and the child device in your driver is working properly now. Thanks!

I have zooz motion sensor (zse11) that was setup to turn off lights if no motions is detected after a set amount of time. Over the last two weeks, this automation is broken. In the history section of the sensor, I can see that is registering motion and “No motion detected”. Any idea where I can start to fix this issue?