[ST EDGE] Zooz Edge Driver Channel

I have and just tried again with no change. Same on a different device (both android).

I’m using firmware is 1.03 and the driver version is 2022-09-28T05:02:20.980372144. I’m using the Android version of the SmartThings App ( and the hub is a v2 with firmware 0.45.11.

I’m trying to use a Zen17 to control my garage doors. Input for R1 & R2 is disabled. I’m using S1 and S2 as a sensor of my garage door position. If garage doors are in the up position for an hour, I send a text notification.

If I want to remotely close doors, I’d like to “push” R1 to simulate the push of the close button, and then have the “push” stop after 1 second. To do this I have auto-off timer set to 1 seconds.

For whatever reason though, when I turn R1 on, it fails to turn off after 1 second like it’s supposed to. It stays on until it’s selected/toggled manually, and then it turns off. R2 behaves the same way.

Anyone have any ideas on why R1/R2 won’t auto turn off? Thanks.

Edit: Looks like my firmware is pretty old. Working on obtaining the most current firmware. Have the current firmware but no way to update. Looks like firmware might fix problem though.

I recently installed a new ZEN15 with the Edge driver. I am seeing the device reporting current (amps) and power (watts) higher by a factor of 1000. It is currently powering a small 700 watt load which should equate to approximately 5 amps. See the screenshot below for what is being reported in the Smarthings app.

Some of the ZEN15 firmware versions have a bug that causes the device to randomly report impossibly high values so I made the driver ignore those reports, but the driver doesn’t change the values so either the values you’re seeing are being reported or ST is doing something weird…

Changing Auto-Off to 2 seconds might solve the problem for the older model.

The only time I’ve ever seen the “settings” not appear is when a default value of a setting was set outside of the allowed range, but that’s a bug in the profile which I would have seen while writing it and all users would be having the same problem.

If the behavior you’re seeing hasn’t resolved itself let me know and I’ll do some more testing.

Yes I will be adding it, but I recently ran into an issue with a different driver where after changing a custom presentation the driver stopped working with the latest version of the Android app and ST hasn’t been able to explain why.

I’m also seeing strange behavior with attributes not being populated (ZEN30/ZEN32) and profiles not changing (ZSE40/ZEN16) when the device is joined.

Until either ST fixes whatever is causing these problems, I figure out a way around them, or I figure out what I’m doing wrong, I’m holding off on making new changes to profiles/presentations that aren’t absolutely necessary…

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Thanks Kevin.

Kevin, thanks for the reply. One thing to note is that I have three other ZEN15s that are still on the old device handler and they are reporting just fine. All four of mine are showing Firmware Version 1.06. Very puzzling.

Is it possible to update the firmware on a ZEN 16? If so, how does one accomplish the update?

You need a Z-wave usb stick, I used a Zooz ZST10 700, there are other brands available as well

Thanks Nick

Any Update on below yet?

These devices should be supported soon: ZEN21, ZEN22, ZEN23, ZEN24, ZEN26, ZEN27

It hasn’t resolved it’s self. It’s also one of two 4-in-1 sensors and the other has no issues displaying settings.

Here was the last time @krlaframboise replied about that question. Post.

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Thanks! @Jake_Mohl

Hi. I just saw your question. These Zen72 switches are in a single 3 way set up. The main switch (S1) has line, load, neutral. The secondary switch (S2) replaced the dumb switch without a neutral. This does allow dimming control from either switch through associations.

Thanks. I’ve got a number of the previous generation Zooz ZEN27 dimmers and where they are 3-ways I kept the original dumb switch. Saved a lot of money.

I’m not fond of hold-to-dim regardless. They’re too fussy to use and you have to just know that a given switch is a dimmer.

Yes, my ZEN25 was doing that also. It would go offline after about 24 hours, unplugging it and plugging it back in immediately resolved the issue. I’m running v2.0 firmware on mine. I haven’t done a ton of troubleshooting, but disabling all reporting fixes the issue. So it is something to do with the frequency of the reporting that seems to be causing the device itself to fail eventually. I never had this problem using the old DTH (same firmware on the ZEN25), so I’m guessing some of the default values are being misinterpreted somehow.

Hi @krlaframboise Can you please take a look?