[ST Edge] Zigbee Driver for MOES 4-Button Scene Switch (TS004F)

Raw Description 01 0104 0000 01 03 0000 0001 0006 02 0019 000A

Hi ErickV,

I enrolled into your channel, installed the button-battery-1.4.2 driver and was able to add the 2-gang switch but it appears a buttons instead of switches which means I have to press it to trigger the automation. The requirement was for me is to automatically turn this switch on when the motion is detected (enter the room) so I used Mariano’s driver and it works perfectly for me now.

Just to be clear, mine are rocker switches

Hi @erickv I just bought a new waterproof (IP55) button, made by MOES for the TUYA environment, I think it’s going to work with your driver.
Could you please add its fingerprint to it?

Manufacturer: _TZ3000_kjfzuycl

Model: TS004F

Many thanks!

EDIT: I guess it’s only the manufacturer making the difference, since the model is the usual, am I right?

I have an Heiman HS2SS remote control and I can’t make it work. It’s successfully recognized as a 4 buttons remote with the correct name but none of the button works. The driver is the ZigBee button edge driver and I can’t change it.
In the dev panel there is no data, the type is placeholder and there is no ZigBee Id nor network device id. What can I do to fix this?

In ide all edge is a placeholder , ide is for groovy.
Cli for edge .

Hi, I realized the MOES zigbee knob isn’t working anymore, look allright in the app but the button and nob events are not received. Is anyone experiencing the same?

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I got the 3-gang Scene Switch https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B095LQF7NB and initially, while struggling through this new drivers thing, I installed GitHub - obmaz/smartthings_edge_driver: Smartthings Edge Driver Obmaz’s drivers “zigbee-tuya-button-3” – it would run down my battery after about 48 hours! But I could program it, see all the pressed/held states, etc. in the UI of the Smartthings app.

So, long story short, trying to switch to button-battery-v1.4.2 would just show a blank white screen.
Finally removed device, figured out how to uninstall all the obmaz drivers, and got it “discovered” on the button-battery driver.

Battery status shows nothing, and a toast pops up at the bottom “Couldn’t get device’s status” - and no button status’s display.
But I’m able to delete and re-add the device, put in a fresh battery, “reset” by holding the 1st button for a long time. Device gets discovered, just can’t use it now. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hello @erickv

Lucien wrote on Sep 7:

I am having troubles with the Silvercrest (Lidl) Smart Button. I’ve tried the device handler: Zigbee > Non-Holdable Button, but so far no luck. Please Help!


  • application: 47
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: _TZ3000_rco1yzb1
  • model: TS004F
  • zigbeeNodeType: SLEEPY_END_DEVICE

Let me add the Raw Description:
01 0104 0104 01 07 0000 0001 0003 0004 0006 1000 E001 08 0019 000A 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 1000

(model info if other community members will search for it: Lidl Silvercrest Smart Button IAN 377680_2101 SSBM A1 model HG08164 Version 09/2021)

The device is capable of Single Press and Double Press in the Tuya/Smartlife platform.
I am currently using the “Zigbee Button” stock handler in Smartthings (not edge), where at least the Single Press works.
Do you see any chance to include this button to your drivers?
Thank you! Kind regards, Zoltan

Can you please add another one
Lonsonho ZBWS03 3-button remote.

    "modelId": "TS0043",
    "manufacturerName": "_TZ3000_w4thianr"


This device Lonsonho ZBWS03 3-button remote is perfectly works with Driver.
Thank you @ygerlovin for your help.
Anyone that in that also interested , is welcome to install from Yakov Channel in here:

Zigbee Button Remote Driver [YG]

Hello @erickv,

Can you please add following fingerprints to your driver?


I haven’t found any Edge driver so far which will support these 1-button and 2-button models. Both are Tuya based battery ZigBee scene swithes.

I also have this device and cant get it to work, not even a single press will work.

Would love for this to be added to the edge driver.

Hi everyone, my first post here. I’m not a developer.

I have a Moes Smart Knob, but I’m not able to make it work.
I installed the driver, but when I pair the device, the list of drivers available is empty. You can see attached how my device appears on Groovy after it is paired.
What am I doing wrong?

The same problem for me with Moes 2 gang scene switch and the edge driver button-battery-v1.4.2
Work only 1 press (2 press and hold press not work)

Is it possible to add this 4-button remote?

Manufacturer: _TZ3000_u3nv1jwk
Model: TS044

Server cluster:
Client cluster:

Hey erickv,

needless to say, you are one awesome human being. Thank you so much, and ofcourse to all the other heros in this community.

Short questions from a total newbie: I only need to install the latest version of the driver, right? And will the switch work without internet, if the bulbs are also zigbee bulbs?

Once again thank you so much.

Best wishes,

I have connected https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09QGVY4W2?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details using the 1.4.2 driver and in the ST app all looks good I can see all the button presses.
It seems to be the exact same as TS004F but all the details are blank after I pair it with ST
Model number on the back of the device is: ESW-0ZAA-EU
Problem is Home Assistant cannot see it because it looks like a lot of the data is blank, including the hub:

If I try to edit it the zigbee id and network ids are blank so not sure how to proceed to set the hub as it forces me to update them:

Any ideas?

The IDE is part of the old architecture. It is incomplete, inaccurate, and many features are no longer usable with anything using the new architecture, which includes anything using an edge driver. So don’t try to edit anything or change anything through the IDE for edge driver Devices.

FAQ: Why does the IDE list “placeholder” for my device? Can I change that?

I see. I have a yagusmart button (exact same as this one I just connected) and that is using DH so I was trying to mirror that.
Also that one gets detected just fine by home assistant and receives all the events where as the new one doe snot so I’m trying to fix that.
The fix is to add bogus data to those fields and then set the hub to my hub, started working after.

Hi @erickv ,

could you please add the following Tuya 4-button remote? (see the details below)

manufacturer: _TZ3000_mh9px7cq
model: TS0044

Server cluster:
Ep:04={ 0006,0001,0006 }
Ep:01={ 0001,0006,E000,0000 }
Ep:02={ 0006,0001,0006 }
Ep:03={ 0006,0001,0006 }
Client cluster:
Ep:01={ 0019,000A }

Thank you very much in advance:)