[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Sensor Driver Channel - including specific Ecolink, FortrezZ, HomeSeer, Monoprice and Zooz models

When open, looks like this

I have a monoprice motion sensor 15271 z-wave plus that didnt connect directly to this edge driver, but i moved it. its showing additional contact, lux, and humidity but no reading as it doesnt have those and the battery level is not updating. the motion and tamper and temp are working though.

@mooch91, I added the fingerprint for the ZG8101 as mentioned in the first post of this thread.


Monoprice seems to have sold multiple versions as the same part number.

If your fingerprint listed in on your advanced web app is matching, then I’m not sure what the issue is. If it’s not matching then you have a different version of that model.

I’m on mobile and don’t have all the fingerprint data/model numbers handy. Its listed in the first post.

If you have all those other capabilities showing, then it did not pick the correct profile.

What is listed as the fingerprint for your device on the Advanced web app?

Believe that’s the one: 0109-200A-0A02. I have two of the same device on two different doors. Not sure why it’s not letting me choose the driver despite having it installed… No other drivers are available for the devices. Interestingly, they were some of the last ones to migrate away from Groovy drivers.

You may have to exclude and re-include it. Other people have had issues with migrated devices.

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Device Name

Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Motion Sensor and Temp (15271)

Manufacturer Code


Thanks - that did the trick. Thanks for the help with this driver!!!

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Oh I thought you were trying to pair a device we support.

Your device is not (yet) supported, sorry.

Just got around to testing this, and indeed it does work. Thanks!

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@csstup I have what appears to be a varient that looks like the monoprice 4-in-1. it looks like the inside of the monoprice 4-in-1 with the 2 aaa batteries. on the back cover it has a sticker that says “FCC ID KFR-ZP3111US-5” google of that indicates “Vision Automobile Electronics Industrial Co Ltd”


Sent out an update to Zwave Sensor CS (version 2023-08-11T05:51:46.266493715) that fixes an issue with battery devices not always syncing preference changes while asleep when they wake up.

This was probably not as much of an issue under Zwave Sensor PH if you’re still on that channel.

Sent out an update to Zwave Sensor CS (version 2023-08-12T23:46:12.053452675) that should fix spurious reports during device wakeup for some of the Monoprice contact sensors.

@csstup , I am new to the forums here so it would not let me message you and I cannot find this issue in the search function as the way this device is also behaving badly is using words common to other issues. Therefore I am trying to get this info to you through here, right or wrong. So just to confirm I also had my GoControl motion sensors sending smoke and moisture alerts suddenly. Seems you had the fix for me. However I have another device that also started behaving badly that I cannot find any info on. My Schlage door lock started sending alerts that it is offline and online that directly correlate to my unlock and lock events. It seems unlock = online and lock = offline in the alerts I receive on my phone. I am not as smart as all of you on this but I can find my way around. I managed to get your drivers installed for my motion sensors today but need some time to verify they function correctly. The device profile looks correct now. Next will be my ecolink sensors. Thanks for your contributions here!

So I’m using the Z-Wave Sensor CS and the tamper function doesn’t seem to work with my WAPIRZ-1Z. Is this function supposed to work? Also noticed that the “Motion Detected” never turns off.

Yep, both features work fine here.

Paste your Manufacturer Code from the Advanced Web App for your device.

This is the manufacture code. 014F-2002-0203

Should work fine. Can’t explain why you’re having issues, sorry.

Is it possible to make it configurable to toggle the open, closed state or have a reversed driver for the zwave tilt sensor? I use it for a security box. I had a custom dth I modified before which did this, havent delved into edge drivers yet.

Try the Zwave Masquerade driver.