[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Sensor Driver Channel - including specific Ecolink, FortrezZ, HomeSeer, Monoprice and Zooz models

I didn’t update anything with the driver since the previous update. I have seen that if you Change Driver via the web app, the profile doesn’t always sync correctly/quickly on the mobile app. Not sure if you already had the device paired and then changed driver, or if you had just joined it fresh.

Either way, glad its working!

Thats the correct profile!

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Excellent to hear. I switched over to your driver on the Monoprice a couple of days ago, and all seems to work fine. I wasn’t even aware it had the tamper feature, since the ST stock driver did not expose that info for some reason. Thanks!

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Does this driver support the stock z-wave sensor devices as well? Just trying to consolidate drivers.

Yes and no. This driver will support other devices not listed specifically by fingerprint by category. However, it will use a generic profile that contains a bunch of attributes (like temp, humidity, tamper, etc) that the device likely doesn’t support or report. So you’ll get annoying messages about how the device hasn’t completed its update yet (and it never will).

So yes it supports a bunch of devices not specifically listed by fingerprint, but not very well. You’d be better off using the stock driver for those.


Im trying to use your driver on a monoprice Z-wave CS (43303). Unfortunately, the Device Profile shows as “generic-sensor”. Would it be possible for you to add a profile for this device in the near future?
Device Link: