[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Sensor Driver Channel - including specific Ecolink, FortrezZ, HomeSeer, Monoprice and Zooz models

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I have 4 motion censors from monoprice. All 4 seem identical. I was only able to update 2 of them by selecting driver and changing it to the new driver provided. The other 2 didn’t find any drivers. I did notice they had some other driver already assigned to it from 9/19/23 ?
I got around to it by excluding them first ( open censor, put hub in exclusion mode, then then hold down button inside censor for 1 second). censor will start to flash slowly. Close censor cap. Then click add device on the app and the censor will show up with the correct driver. Make sure censor is close to hub to do all this.
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Was there ever a solution for this. I’m seeing the same thing with a monoprice 15271. The manufacturer code in the advanced web interface is 0109-2002-0205 and the device name is generic-sensor. I have a similar one that shows up in the web interface as 0109-2002-0203 and device name is vision-motion-zp3102 and it works fine. The difference in the sticker on the two is that the one that works is KFR-ZP3102US and the one that is incorrect has a sticker that says KFR-ZP3102US-5

Are they both using same driver?

This isn’t supported natively by the driver. As you said, its a ZP3102-XX5 which is the 500 series update to the regular 300 series ZP3102-XX (where XX is the zwave region).

The 500 series update has slightly different parameters and a temperature sensor, where the regular ZP3102 does not.

This could be added but will be a while.

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Yes, Z-Wave Sensor CS

Interesting. Thank you for all you have done!!!