[ST Edge] Z-Wave Plus 700 series based Sensative Strips Sensors Driver [MANUFACTURER VERSION]

This is the Edge driver for Z-Wave Plus 700 series based Sensative Strips Sensors.

It supports all the settings that are relevant to SmartThings and all the features can be used with Automations.


Products supported are Strips Guard 700, Strips Drip 700 and Strips Comfort 700


Strips Guard 700 is a revolutionary magnetic sensor for monitoring of windows, doors, and valuables.


  • Contact Sensor
  • Tamper Alert
  • Battery


Strips Drip 700 is ideal for placement anywhere a leak might occur.


  • Water Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Tamper Alert
  • Battery
  • Low/High Temperature Alarm    


Strips Comfort 700 monitors the temperature, ambient light (LUX), and humidity wherever you mount it. With the Strips sliding +Switch button, you can now also manually control lights, ventilation, shades, and other IoT devices in your smart home or apartment.


  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Light (LUX) sensor
  • +Switch button (Central Scene Notification)
  • Tamper Alert
  • Battery
  • Low/High Temperature Alarm (Notification Report + Central Scene Notification)
  • Low/High Ambient Light Level Trigger Alert (Central Scene Notification)



Please note that, as of January 2022, Edge is in beta and therefore this driver should also be treated as such.


To install:

Use the following link to enroll in the channel and install the driver on your hub: Channel Invitation.


If your device is already using an Edge driver, you can use the driver utility in the app to switch drivers.


If your device is currently using a Groovy DTH, you will need to remove the device and then add it back to SmartThings to pick up this driver. If you have any custom Groovy DTHs installed that have the device’s fingerprint, either delete the DTH or comment out the fingerprint before attempting to re-join the device.


Hello Alwas,

SmartThings has ported the vanilla Groovy drivers to Edge.

The 500 series devices that are certified as WWST have already been added to the built-in “Z-Wave Sensor”.

Currently none of the built-in drivers are included in the platform so one need to manually install it from their channel:

We were wondering if you have tried it.

Hi @Sensative

Am I right that after installing the z-wave sensor driver the 500 series will keep operating as normal? And for the 700 you need the one from the startpost?

Yes @Roy_R, for the 700 series you will need the Edge driver.

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And the 500 series question?

Installing the z-wave sensor driver, the 500 series will keep operating as before.

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This driver causes a catastrophic failure in the most recent version of the Android app. Please see my related post.

Thank you @blueyetisoftware for bring this up, we are trying to get in touch with our developer, @krlaframboise , and we shall, too, try to investigate the problem.


The latest driver published today has resolved the issue. Everything works as expected now. Thanks.


Thank you @krlaframboise and @blueyetisoftware for analyzing and resolving this issue in short time!