[ST Edge] Z-Wave Masquerade

Still not seeing a battery report, but in all honesty, when I go through the history of the device with the former DTH, I don’t see any battery reports. I’ve read that some of these sensors are very sparing with the battery reports.

All in all, this is working very well. For others who come across this looking for a solution for their older Monoprice contact sensors where they have the external contacts set up for smoke alarms, leak detectors, or other, this is a great Edge solution!

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The default DTH would query the battery status manually on WakeUp events if the battery hadn’t been updated recently. My guess is this device never sends unsolicited battery reports.

Battery updates stopped being viewable in the IDE “events” years ago (2018?). They stopped archiving them specifically even if you requested them to be persisted, so you wouldn’t see them there regardless.

I have only just started looking into Edge drivers for the few custom DH that I still have that didn’t really used to exist with an Edge replacement.

This looks like it should be a good replacement for VSevens DH converting my integrated z wave contact sensor to smoke alarm.

My question is, what is the driver swap utility that you mentioned? I assume that isn’t the same as you used to be able to swap DH on the IDE.

Also, I assume to be able to swap from a custom DH to an edge driver it would require a delete and then reconnect the device to the hub or would I just need to change the DH in the IDE or elsewhere?

If this stuff is easily explained elsewhere then let me know as I have a bit to catch up on with Edge. Thanks.

DTH to Edge requires excluding and then re-including, or waiting for the ST-managed migration that starts on 9/30.

Once your device is on Edge, there’s a driver menu in the app that lets you swap drivers.

Ah ok, thanks. I didn’t expect the UI to change like that between DH and Edge.

I just wanted to make sure I have plans set for the few devices I know will break when the end of life comes for groovy.

Edge support has come such a long way since I last was looking into it that more and more I was expecting to break are being supported.

I was surprised to see that there is still hope for Xiaomi sensors and the z-wave repeater inside of Iris plugs so along with your driver here, I may not actually have to get rid of or lose much by the end of things.

I don’t see any instructions on how to use this.

@JKB121 Your Z-wave device must already be using an Edge driver.
Subscribe the the channel (link in 1st post) and install this driver. In the app make a driver change.

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo

I’ve been using this for various things - smoke, leak detectors, etc.

After many months, battery still hasn’t reported, and I get a “Couldn’t get devices status” error when opening (though the main function still reports properly). I think it’s because of the battery report.

Any thoughts? Thanks for all the work you do!

Hi @mooch91

This driver is made by @philh30

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Lol, thanks, silly me.

Thank you very much for the effort here!

I saw your recommendation from a post I made and tried using this driver.

Issue I have, once I switch to your driver, when I select “Smoke” - I loose connectivity to the device.
I have to fully delete and readd the device.

I had a similar issue with a GE Motion Switch.
Then suddenly, without any explanation, the device was “connected”
I’ll keep testing this… Perhaps is a matter of rebooting or something else I need to explore deeper.

@philh30, would this driver work for this:

It is a Monoprice Door/Window sensor ZD2102US with internal contacts.

Data * MSR: 0109-2001-0102

  • endpointId: 0
  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE
    Raw Description zw:L type:2001 mfr:0109 prod:2001 model:0102 cc:71,85,80,72,30,86,84

I would try to switch to this driver but I do not have any driver that supports this device.

For me, I finally traced this issue after experiencing a different issue.
I am running pi-hole on my network.

pi-hole was blocking: us-api.mcsvc.samsung.com

It sounds like most of the special options haven’t been initialized. If swiping down to refresh on the device detail screen in the app works (it often doesn’t) then doing that should help populate those. My own lock was often a bit finicky about responding to a full poll though, so it might take a few tries. Another option is to create a scene to change each of those options, which should result in each being populated and usable from device detail screen.

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That did the trick !!!

I’m now able to use the Schlage Lock Alarm, set to “Activity Mode”, to fire off the SmartThings Smart Home Security Monitor! Prior to your driver, it only worked when the Lock was Locked or Unlocked.

Wonderful job on these drivers!!!

So is excluding and including the only option to get this driver working? I have enrolled in the channel and added the driver. But all my EcoLink Z-wave plus tilt sensors don’t have the “driver” option in the menu. If thats what I have to do then I will but wanted to make sure.

I’ve already gone through my IDE and deleted every custom DTH except for the single MyQ one, same for custom apps, so that should be clean.

If your devices are on a different Edge driver, you can use the Driver menu in the app to swap.

If they’re on a DTH, you either need to delete and re-include or wait for the automatic migration which is happening… sometime.

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Hi @philh30 ,
I use your Z-wave Masquerade v1.01 for Monoprice 24259 contact sensors. It works great but one weird issue is the Monoprice 24259 devices often showing offline but they are actually not offline. When I open/close the contact, it shows the correct status. Most time I open/close the contact, the offline text disappears. However, soon the text comes back again later.

Thank you , this driver make 7 more devices for me .
Gocontrol door sensor and motion sensor.
Watercop valve that the status was invert with the smartthimgs driver.

Excellent !!!

More of an FYI… I was looking at your fingerprint for remotec-zfm80. I just see the switch options. There is also the ability to set a timeout (auto off). Here is the documentation for the relay…
Parameter 2 is timeout period 0-240 minutes default 0 - disabled
Parameter 3 is NodeID 1-232
Parameter 4 Set relay if timeout 0 = turn off/1 = turn on default 0


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