[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH

Yes, I have jotted down all slots/codes/names. Adding 16th code result in same behavior, no name showing for it too.

Are you able to see the extra names in the ST app?

He said earlier that he doesn’t have access to SLGA because of region locking.


I don’t have SLGA and in history or on Lock staus, when unlocked only first 8 names show, if unlocked by 9th onward it shows like Code 9 etc

As was pointed out, I wasn’t sure what SLGA was, so foolishly asked if you had app access.

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So I just set this driver up and I will admit up front I have not read the whole thread or anything.

Can someone give me a very quick and basic explanation of what SLGA has to do with the edge driver or why it’s needed?

Is that how you set codes and define the names to them?

SLGA is Smartthings Lock Guest Access. It’s the tool in the ST App that lets you set codes and name them.


This is partially correct☝️, it’s one of the ways.

The other three ways to set codes and names are.

  • ST CLI
  • ST API
  • Sharptools.io (this uses the API and is a bit more friend although you must do it through their rule engine.)

As I said, “in the ST App” that is the only way to set lock codes and names. The other methods are outside the app.

There is also the lockmanager.io project from @ethayer, but again, outside the app.


Thank you, I’ll have to get that installed.

Finally, sorted it out. As lock codenames for code id 9 and onwards were not showing, I simply re-added same codes and names on same slots through sharptools setcode command and now all the codenames are populated and being used in automations directly instead of setting through variables.
Thanks @h0ckeysk8er and @General_KAOS for help.

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I’m confused then. I thought you were doing that previously and it didn’t set them properly?

To clarify: I was just setting names for existing code ids with ‘nameslot’ command as the lock codes for those slots were already working but neither the id nor the names were being populated in log.
Now I used setcode command (id, code, name) option, rewriting same codes to corresponding ids and names and it worked.


Has anyone else’s Schlage be469 lock ever decided to just start locking/unlocking itself using Phil’s driver? I updated to the edge driver a few days ago and everything has been going smoothly with the edge driver. About an hour ago my lock just started unlocking and locking itself. Doesn’t seem to stay one way or the other. Wife was not happy. Had to unhook batteries to make it stop. Nothing in the history to say what is causing the issue other than main lock is either locked or unlocked. I don’t have any routines set to unlock this door. I have routines that will turn a light on/off if the door unlocks after sunset but that is it. Very unusual. Just curious if I’m the only one.

As far a I know this driver is the stock driver with the ability to set the stock schlage extra parameters setting like beep, lock and leave and vacation mode.

@ghodgesST I’ve never experienced that with any of our Schlage BE469 locks, either before or after conversion to the Edge Drivers. We have 4 different locations and a combination of 12 BE469’s. We are currently using @philh30 's (awesome) Edge Drivers “Z-Wave Lock PH v1.00” (not his Z-Wave Lock PH BETA version yet).

But I do recall an issue where the Deadbolt itself was feeling too much resistance going in or out and never reached full extension or retraction so it kept running. Had to adjust the Strike to take some pressure off the Deadbolt as it slid in/out.

@JohnRichard and @Jake_Mohl thank you for the information. I’ll have to mess around with the lock this weekend. I removed it from SmartThings by ZWave exclusion last night and it quit unlocking itself. I had to do that so I could continue to use the keypad on the outside of the door. Sounds like it’s just me so on to more research with it later. The lock locks/unlocks without issue when it is not integrated so I’ve got no idea what was happening last night. I don’t think it is a driver issue but thought I should at least ask about it just in case. Thanks again.

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Concur. I have a couple of BE469, one a ZP model, and haven’t seen them exhibit that behavior.

The beta version of the Z-Wave lock driver is nice because it 1) fixes the lock code name reset problem; 2) adds the code name that unlocked the door to the device panel; and, best of all, exposes lock code name as a trigger in Routines.


I particularly like this capability with this driver. I use it as a backup to set presence sensors and to disarm STHM.


THAT’S a GREAT idea!!! Thanks!

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