[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH

Magically, it started to work for me and I was able to enroll and get the Z-Wave Lock Edge Driver.

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If there are any brave souls willing to test, I’ve put a beta driver in the channel that (for Schlage 468/469 models) will hopefully:

  • Fix the issue of code names being overwritten
  • Show the code name used to unlock in a custom capability

There may be bugs! My lock is no longer on ST so my ability to test changes is limited, and this version was thrown together quickly before work this morning.


I’ll test, I have 3 lock plus an extra one in the garage still in the box.


I’ll test it


Count me in boss!

It would be nice not to lose those custom names!


@philh30 at first glance everything seems to work.

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Does “Jake” show as the code used to unlock on the device detail view in the app?

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Yes, sir.

Question for you? How hard do you think it would be to add a tamper alert to the lock.

As you know what these locks if you enter the incorrect code three times in a row you get locked out. With knowing that would it be possible to modify this driver to send a tamper alert if that was to happen?

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@bthrock you may be interested in this driver. @philh30 is fixing what the team at SmartThings didn’t.

I didn’t know that… Could you capture logs while triggering it and PM them to me?

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Code shows in the detail view of the card.


From where did it get the name ‘Jake’? Is it from previous designation through groovy app like rboy’s?

Thanks. I’ve been flipping back and forth between stock and @philh30 's driver almost daily in my testing, but wasn’t aware of any ongoing update efforts. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I had forgotten about getting “locked out” after three attempts. I’m also curious if and/or how this might be reflected in the logs. Let me know if you find something, otherwise I’ll take a look at the logs myself when I have time later today. Could be useful.

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Still present with reloadAllCodes and requestCode commands. This affects the BE469 only, not the ZP.

I think @orangebucket may be onto something with regard to the codeNames that would preclude the need for adding another custom capability to the driver. See his two posts here. This is over my head, but thought it might be worth a look.

What @orangebucket found is fixed in the beta - that’s what’s allowing “Jake” to show. There’s still something wrong (maybe something similar) in the lockCodes defaults.


Can I make a suggestion to change something in the details. Change the label “Code name used to unlock” to “Last code used to unlock” or “Last code name used to unlock”.

Also listing the last method used would be nice as well.

What’s showing currently when it’s locked? Or when unlocked manually? I tried to have it show Locked if locked, the method if no user code for unlock, and the code if unlocked by one.

That is the correct behavior. However if you unlock it with the app, no information is provided by the lock.

{"thing":"Garage Door Lock",

So maybe add a label if method code name and code ID are all blank have it display " App"

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I do hope so, and it may be irrelevant to anything going on in this thread, but it remains in the libraries that were uploaded to GitHub last week.

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@orangebucket Fixed in the beta driver currently being tested/discussed in the thread. Definitely still a problem in the Lua libs. Thanks for identifying the issue and sharing!

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