[ST Edge] Web Requestor: a driver to issue local POST and GET HTTP requests

I don’t believe so, but there is a LifX Edge driver that allows control of the bulbs locally and you can just create the scenes in SmartThings.

Could I use this driver to implement support for my Daikin mini split that uses HTTP REST commands?

Yes, you could probably use it if their API is straight-forward. That will work OK for for issuing basic static commands. You can’t get the original driver author to port it to Edge?

Ah so it’s more for static commands? Gotcha.

There hasn’t been any developpement in the past 4 years and @bendews hasn’t been active here since Nov 2019, it was during the ST classic days.

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Do you have a link for this LifX Edge driver? I can’t seem to find it via search.

You should be able to find it in this thread.


Thank you! Not sure how I missed that!

@TAustin This is an exact use case I was looking for as well. Display the response from the Web Requestor in another device. I was racking my brain on how to accomplish this without using the API but I think you are right since Rules won’t let you use variables nor set a value to the value of another device. Would be an awesome use case for another driver though where a device uses the web requestor behind the scenes to set the value of that device. Not sure that’s possible though…

@TAustin I have a NodeMCU (ESP8266) with various inputs and outputs. I can control the outputs and also poll it to get the status of inputs, but is there a listener that can respond to messages when an input changes?

When you say a “listener”, are you thinking of a SmartThings device that could receive data from the device?

There are lots of ways to set something like that up. If you have coding skills, there is a SmartThings SDK that would allow your device to integrate directly with SmartThings via their direct connect interface. But that relies on an active internet connection. If you want something that operates strictly locally, there are various other things you can do.

Direct message me with more info on what you want to do, since this is a bit outside the scope of this web requestor topic.

Im using ‘Generic HTTP Device V1’ groovy script to control Esp8266s running some code I found online. It uses GET to flick a switch on or off in the ESPs web server, which controls a server attached to my blinds.

Will this be able to replace that? Sorry if this is a silly question, Im lucky to get the above working as I’m not that technical. Would be great to continue using my blinds this way, as I assume the groovy DTH will cease atbthe end of the year.

Many thanks.


Yes you can use this driver to do the same thing except it will execute locally.


First thanks @TAustin for the driver, I’m able to port my sonoff / Tasmota / http devices and us this driver.

One request, can you label the control instead of leave it as Untitled? It’s a bit confusing for newbie for sure.

I believe this is a problem for a lot of drivers right now. See:
[ST Edge] Custom capabilities labels are ignored

As @bthrock indicated, this is problem brought on by a unannounced change in the SmartThings platform and is requiring all developers of existing drivers to do rework and re-publish. I’m slowly getting around to fixing all these (I have a lot!).


I should have also clarified that that button is for creating additional web requestor devices.

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I’m textually pulling my hair out about this. I’m facing the very same situation. Any command I issue from Postman works flawlessly whereas they don’t when I type them into the ST app on my S22U phone.
I tried getting rid of all the quotes, playing with spaces, switching to a Spanish keyboard layout in case the character set could make a difference,… nothing.
I just thought of installing ST for Windows (which I never thought about in the past), but this version doesn’t even allow you to edit Devices.
I think I am completely out of ideas by now… any other thoughts?

I’m here to help!

Can you share the exact request you are trying to send (DM me if preferred).

You say nothing is working: if you can’t get even the simplest GET request to work, it makes me wonder if something else is going on. Is there anything unusual about your network config that could be blocking communications? Is your hub on the same subnet as the device you’re trying to reach? Any firewalls?

Hi there. First this is awesome. I am not a developer and a rather ocassional visitor. After listening of all the impact in moving to EDGE drivers, I came to this community yesterday looking for “alternatives to smartthings” But came across the work from @TAustin and happy about finding the stuff he has developed. Thanks!
I have a question (rather tangential)
I installed web requestor and it works fine. When it hits a server I am monitoring it gets me a 200 code. Otherwise **Timeout. This is great as my use case is as a presence sensor
What I am having issues with is how to use this on a routine to let me know if server is down. Routines including the request response code are only “equal” to. I can not make it such that is “different” than 200.
Any thoughts? Thanks!

@TAustin would it possible/feasible to add space for another 50 characters in the request please?