[ST Edge] Virtual Things Edge Driver

when he calls me, I’ll ask for the ticket #. I had an issue last year that escalated to a manager and they did follow through then. Hopefully, they will this time as well

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That would be great thanks. Trying to open my own ticket now but it seems to be an uphill battle. They won’t open a ticket unless it’s a known issue. How can it become a known issue if no tickets are permitted to be opened? Lol

I’m having issues as above now too. Well only noticing them now. I use broadlink to control thermostats. Cold snap and the automations didn’t work.

Suggest opening tickets with Smartthings and Amazon.

Hello this is amazing a huge savor

Is there a wiki on the different switch types and whay they would be used for like robot and refrigerator

Seems other are having similar trouble with the alexa routines and virtual devices. My issue with alexa not picking up the change in state of the virtual switch only seems to be when turning the switch off. If I turn the switch on alexa picks it up and runs the routine. When I turn it off, alexa doesn’t pick up the change to run the routine. This has been going on for just over a week.

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This is a know issue. There is another virtual driver by @TAustin that has created a couple workaround options.


I’d not come across this notice before, thank you very much! It did the trick after a little trial and error, 1 routine down another 5 to go. Most of my home is now zigbee/zwave or supported by smartthings except for my somfy rts blinds. I think in the us there’s better connectivity for somfy and smartthings, but mot in the uk/eu.