[ST Edge] Virtual Things Edge Driver

Ahhh Ok. So, it’s just wait. :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot for the fast feedback.

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My apologies for this very basic post/question. I currently use the Smartthings app on an Android phone … no Hub. I have many devices and automations and use Simulated Alexa Switches extensively to chain automations within Smartthings as well as in Alexa. Just received notification of the platform change from Samsung. I assume this means that my Simulated Alexa Switches will stop working. Have contacted Samsung who, so far, have pointed me to the community and I found this thread. Thanks you for your efforts! Some questions if you could help:

  • Does it matter if I create Switches or Contact Sensors? It appears that either can be used as triggers and be set by automation?
  • Do I now have to use a hub to get equivalent Simulated Alexa Switch capability? I assume so and have an Aeotec hub sitting on my desk waiting to be opened, if that is the case.
  • Somewhat related to previous question, I did look in my Smartthings app to see if I could install the driver discussed here, but could not find it. If the hub is required, can I assume that once installed it will become apparent how to install the driver? I assume that these Edge capabilities are now out of Beta given the email that I received and can be accessed without joining a beta program?
  • Finally, if I do need to install the hub, is there a way for me to migrate my devices and automations from my “non hub” Smartthings to the hub, or do i have to remove and reinstall everything

Thanks in advance for any guidance that can be provided!

Edge drivers aren’t installed via the app. What happens if you click on the channel invite link above?

Edge drivers are installed on the hub.
Not sure how to create a virtual switch without it.

Do I need to be in a Beta for the Edge Drivers at this point, or are they generally available? Any input on the other questions? Thanks so much!

Some have been release and will be downloaded and selected automatically when adding new devices, others have not been released yet and are still in beta. Community created drivers are open to everyone

Yakov - I installed the hub and figured out (I think) how to get the driver installed. To be sure I have the latest … it came from Yakov’s SmartThings Edge Drivers (Beta) and is version 2022-06024-T20:10:27:03494769 … correct?

Hello @ygerlovin, I’m trying to use the virtual thermostat, and I need the capability to “set” the virtual temperature and humidity. Right now it is just stuck at “23 C”, and “50%”… I can’t seem to set this in a routine or within the app itself either.


Hello @ygerlovin ,

Is it possible to see the source code for your virtual things drivers?

Thank you for this driver! Very easy to use.

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Exactly, very easy to use and have now changed 30 virtual switches. Kudos to the developer for his thought and initiative to enhance the existing driver.

Having used it for the past two days, I noticed two things today; a simple automation to turn on a virtual switch to be fired at 9 PM did not work. I then set the automation to fire 9:02 and it worked.

Also, the one of the other virtual switches should have been set to off by an automation but that did not happen though the automation ran correctly on time. I then tried manually switching off the VS but no luck as it was stuck in the ‘on’ state. So, I had to create a new VS, set this in the automations and then delete the old VS.

Is there a solution for the both the problems?

Try rebooting the hub.

You mean switch on and switch off three power supply?