[ST Edge] Virtual Things Edge Driver

Good evening. Could you please create me this virtual device “Plug (can be used as a trigger source in Alexa as it contains hidden contactSensor capability)”. Thank you very much

I think devices can be created only by the owner of account to which the hub is connected.

However, I can guide you how to do it.
Were you able to install the driver and to create a controller?

The problem that the virtual sockets are not present in the driver I have already installed

There is no ‘plug’, but there is ‘switch’ type.
The switch has hidden sensor capability and can serve as a trigger for Aleksa routine.

The plug and switch are basically the same, I think the only difference is the icon.
Is it what are you looking for, a new device type with switch functionality, but a different icon?

yes that’s what I’m looking for.

Hi all,
The driver v1.3 has been released.

Change log:

  1. When changing device type to create in the controller, the controller will now show the number of devices of the selected type.
    Please note, after creating the device the info will be empty (not updated with the new number). This to keep creation robust. If the selected device type changes, the info will be updated again.
    Please let me know if this behavior bothers you.
  2. The virtual switches has been enhanced to allow changing the icon. (As per @GiacomoF request). For switch only, go to device settings and select the icon.
    The supported icons are
  • switch
  • light
  • smart plug
  • dishwasher
  • dryer
  • fan
  • garage door
  • robot cleaner
  • stove (this currently does not work and shows generic icon,see vSwitch12 how it looks)
  • washer

All switches (i.e. switches with any icon) can be triggers for Alexa routines. Regardless of their icon they will be shown with switch icon in Alexa.

Many thanks to @nayelyz for her assistance


What do I need to do to get the new features?
I deleted to old controller and re-added it but I still don’t have a way to change icons on newly created virtual devices.

It works perfectly. Thanks.

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I think nothing has to be done to get the new features. It should just work, including for already created switches.

Do you see the number in the info field of the controller, after you change a type of the device to create?

Please note, you can only change icon on the virtual switches, other vDevices does not have this ability

Yes the number changes when you switch from one device to another.
Everything works fine

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Could you add a TV icon to your virtual switch?

@Paul_Oliver TV was added, please let me know if it works for you

@ygerlovin Thank you for adding the TV icon.

I created one virtual switch and set the icon to TV, but the tile is still displaying a switch icon. I cleared that cache, forced stopped the app, rebooted the hub and there was no change.

I will give your driver 12 hours to bake and try it again.

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Hi @Paul_Oliver ,

I believe that problem was already raised. Changes to UI propagate faster, than driver updates. I think you are right, the old driver version does not understand TV option and therefore does not know which device profile to load.
After driver update, you don’t need to clear cache, only to change the icon to any other value and then change it back to TV.

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I can not get the TV icon to appear on a virtual switch. As suggested I have switched between various icons but the TV icon never appears.
All the other icons I tried have worked.

Hi @Paul_Oliver ,
Could you please check the timestamp of the driver?

Is this what you need?

@Paul_Oliver ,
Yes, the driver seems to be updated, thanks. Are you on iOs? Do you still have issues with TV icon?

I am on Android.

This morning TV is working. Something changed Thanks.

Could you add camera to the list?

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What am I missing? The controller didn’t come
up when I pressed scan.