[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

So you need to have an automation that would get triggered when the pause button is pressed on the SmartThings virtual device. As I said earlier, the stock windowShade capability does not allow for creating automation routine triggers based on pressing of the pause button. I would have to add a separate button capability to the virtual device that would give you the ability to do so. Is that acceptable?

Also, as I said earlier, you can already both set shade level and define a shade level trigger in automations. So if that is not working for you, I may not be understanding what you need.

Wouldn’t the virtual momentary button device work for that? It has a switch, with the ability to define its behavior when the button is pressed. It also has a contact, but you could ignore that.

I believe the use case is a device that can be used as a trigger in an Alexa routine, and that is not yet true of most buttons or switches.

Right now the most common Alexa Smart Home triggers are:

Contact sensor
Motion sensor

They recently added the ability for remotes connected to a Hue bridge to act as triggers, but so far other brands don’t.

When I create your “Momentary Button Only” it does NOT get imported into Alexa.

When I create your “Momentary Button Combo” it gets important into Alexa and it uses only uses the contacts as a trigger. Which is the same as your “Alexa Switch”.

And hear is how the Voice Monkey trigger looks. It is a totally different trigger. Don’t know if you could duplicate it in ST.

Ok, If I understand a separate button is like a momentary virtual button that I could use to trigger the pause in real curtain switch. Right?

As a device your Momentary combo show up as a switch in Alexa

The Voice Monkey shows up as a door bell.

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Yes, that is correct. It would be part of the window shade device - just an additional field on the device Controls screen, and it could be used in automation routines - both as a condition (IF) and as an action (THEN).

Thanks. “Door Bell” is indeed a specific device type within SmartThings, so that may be what Alexa would be looking for. I’ll do some experimentation. Perhaps I could provide a device settings option to change the momentary combo into a door bell category device by switching out the device profile.


Thanks for looking into this.

Thanks, could be useful!

@TAustin If you disconnect Alexa and Smartthings and Reconnect … all routines using Smartthings devices will have to be fixed … correct?

Yup. I think so. Too afraid to do that myself

Me too. Where does that leave us, any other ideas from the community on how we can get consistant Alexa routine execution?

I do have a ticket open with alexa and waiting on a callback, though not hopeful for quick resolution. I did notice something which may be a red herring or may be something … alexa marks many devices as “new devices” for me regularly, even though they are not. The contact sensors having problems are not marked as new devices and those that work reliably are. No idea what causes the difference. I’ve tried to force a rediscovery in alexa but the same sensors remain new and “not new”.

For the record i currently use the @ygerlovin sensors because i found those libraries first after the ide went away but i will change out all my routines to @TAustin doorbell buttons ( or anything else ) if it fixes this problem which makes all of our automations unpredictable … exactly the opposite of what we use them for.

Can confirm I had some devices that show up as new which weren’t. Relinking the skill in Alexa fixed this based on prior calls to amazon. I don’t see this as often anymore

by relinking, you mean unlinking and relinking which i believe causes devices to be removed from all groups, routines, etc … not an option for me at this point. hoping for a more controllable solution

If you unlink and relink from the Alexa app skills section, I can confirm it does not delete your devices or routines if you do if fairly quickly atleast.

However, if you do it from the smartthings app I cannot confirm what that it will do, having not tried it for fear it might delete.

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the “if you do it fairly quickly at least” is the scary part to me :slight_smile: … if my fat fingers are too slow!

was gonna try voice monkey through ifttt, but (a) woould have to implement 37 ifttt routines to trigger 37 monkeys … actually probably 74 for on and off … if @TAustin implements the virtual doorbell that would be more straightforward

A simple observation which may help you. If you delete a device on ST it instantly disappears, and if it is the trigger for a routine, that also vanishes.
If you unlink a device on Alexa it can very often, annoyingly, still hang around for days, or even never goes - I have found duplicates that sometimes Hue creates never seem to be able to be deleted. Disappearing from routines also takes time, presumably until the next time it runs. If you do try to unlink from Alexa take the precaution to have at hand username and password.
But if you don’t feel happy, ignore what I say - Alexa are updating many functions at this moment and almost certainly these issues will improve soon.

thanks @Johnnybegoode … points well taken. maybe i’ll try as a short term workaround, but since there is obviously an issue, it will likely re-crop up at some point. also gonna hope that alexa fixes or perhaps the virtual doorbell option works!