[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users


All my vEdge switches are showing as connected on the Device tile and show they are in the on state regardless if they are on or off. The switches still work and show the correct state on the detail page.

Rebooting the hub did not help.

This applies to both old and newly created vEdge switches.



That has prompted me to look at my app and I am seeing the same thing. The state on the dashboard tile is always Connected, and the icon is always active in both dashboard and details views.


Are you on Andriod or iOS? I’m not seeing it on my iOS app.

Does it still keep saying ‘Connected’ even if you use the dashboard button to turn the switch on or off?

Also check the status and icon status on my.smarthings.com

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Android for me.


Same problem there.

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Android 11

Just checked iOS and it is the same.

I am seeing the same behavior

The fact we get highlighted text and a slightly different icon type to indicate state does not help for immefiate ID issues, the whole tile should change colour but hey ho we dont have that

But i do see the same issue as everyone else

I noticed the same thing last night. I’m on Android as well.

I had entered the post to say it, I was 30 days behind in reading … then I see that everyone has this problem.

I am afraid that ST interprets these virtual keys always on because I have automations related to them that are giving me problems, but I could be wrong.

I started seeing the virtual devices as connected yesterday evening as well.

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Same here Android 12

All - I am investigating the ‘Connected’ dashboard status issue. Please stand by…


Now I can report having the same issue. It appeared today few hours ago.

Could this be related to the recent CLI virtual device update?

Thanks - are you on Android as well? I don’t think it would be related to CLI.

To all reporting the dashboard ‘Connected’ state: are you seeing this with other virtual devices besides switch?

Android yes. I needed to reboot the hub to make everything work again. Also I needed to delete and Install some of the devices to make them work.

Momentary buttons seems to be ok. Only switches are affected.

Presence sensors and virtual buttons are fine. Just the switches for me.

At the moment, actual switches for real devices seem ok for me, i seem to have connected status just for v/switches

Just the switches for me, and I’m on iOS