[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users


Is it possible to add a virtual fan controller? Preferably with a button for power on\off, a slider for fan speed (4 possibilities-low, med, high, and max), and a toggle switch for air flow direction (in or out/up or down)

I am trying to control my window fan by using my SwitchBot hub to send IR commands to it. I have created numerous SwitchBot devices and for each I programmed the power button to a different button on the fan’s remote. Rather then having 4 separate devices to control the window fan (on/off, fan speed up, fan speed down, and air flow in/out), I would like to be able to add a virtual fan controller then use webCoRE to toggle the SwitchBot devices and send the corresponding IR commands.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Do you know if there could be a possible virtual button for barking dogsDo you know if there can be a possible virtual button for barking dogs? :rofl:.
Alexa allows you to activate this notification, it would be enough for me to be able to see it, now I use a virtual presence sensor, it is nothing indispensable, but maybe you know if there is some more suitable device.

I explained myself badly, I already use alexa’s routine, but the other one, the one that listens to the noise of the environment and if it recognizes a dog barking, it activates a routine that closes a virtual presence device created in Smartthings. This way if my dog ​​barks, on smartthings I see the sensor turned on and it turns off automatically every 10 minutes. I have not yet refined the routine, for example if the dog barks, it activates and on alexa I can adjust the control every 5 minutes for example, on smartthings the virtual dog presence sensor turns on, and it deactivates automatically after 10 minutes, but if after 5 minutes, for example, the dog barks again, do not move the switch off for another 10 minutes, it will always switch off 10 minutes after the first bark. But sorry, we’re going off topic. My question was simply advice on which virtual sensor to use. I had tried with Alarm, but it seems that Alexa does not detect it, so I used a presence sensor called “dog barking” :slight_smile:

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3-March-2022 - I also have a Samsung Wifi ST-Hub (ET-WV525) on firmware 38.11
I have enrolled to the channel and installed the Virtual Devices V2 driver.

the driver shows up in the hub view, but when I scan for devices during the add process no vEdge Creator is populated.

it works as expected on the Aeotec ST Hub, running fw041.9

Is the Samsung hardware incompatible with your Edge Driver?


I’m sorry to say, the last I heard, Edge was not working on the Wifi hub.

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Thank you for the quick response. I’m disappointed, but not surprised that Samsung doesn’t seem to support Edge on its V3 Wifi Hub. Whats weird is that the hub shows the driver as installed, yet will not discover the vEdge Creator.

The Aeotec Hub doesn’t list the driver - yet almost instantly creates the vEdge Creator when scaning to add devices.

Guess I’ll go the virtual/simulated device route in IDE (until they sunset that feature)
Then it will be a hardware change and re-doing all my devices and automations…

Just to avoid future confusion:

There is no “V3 WiFi Hub.”

The 2018 standalone hub, no WiFi Mesh router, is commonly called the V3 hub, since it was the third US version of the standalone hub. It does have a WiFi radio so it can join a WiFi network, which the previous versions did not, but it is not a WiFi mesh router.

The model number varies by country. For the US:

Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (US), also called V3, model number GP-U999SJVLGDA or STH-ETH-300

Now that Samsung is no longer marketing hubs, the similar version from Aeotec is model GP-AEOHUBV3.

There have been two versions of the WiFi mesh routers. The first, SmartThings Connect Home, model ET-WV520, was discontinued over a year ago but is occasionally still sold from old stock.

The current version, Samsung WiFi with Plume (US), model number ET-WV525, has not been announced as discontinued but also no new hardware partner has been announced and it was not included in the new Aeotec line. So its future remains cloudy.

When posting in the forum, describe model ETWV525 as “the Samsung WiFi hub with Plume,” not as “V3,” in order to make sure you get accurate answers to your questions. :thinking:

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@JDRoberts - you rock! Thanks. Will refer to it in future as Samsung Wifi hub with Plume. I have two of these at different locations and also an Aeotec GP-AEOHUBV3.

The Samsung phone support was not very helpful regarding Edge support on my hub.

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The Oct release of version 38.11 was supposed to support Edge drivers on the Plume Wifi Hub. In another thread, Samsung acknowledged that there are some bugs that are preventing it from working properly. When they might actually fix the bugs is anyone’s guess. It’s been nearly 6 months since that release and there have been 3 releases for the Aeotec hub in the same timeframe. It seems pretty clear which platform they are prioritizing.

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Understood, but I would cut frontline support a little slack since edge is still in a developers beta. It hasn’t even been opened up for a general customer beta yet, it’s just that if you come to this forum, you can get the link the developers have posted and try it out.

That said, I am personally very annoyed that they haven’t said one way or the other what they’re going to do about the Wi-Fi hub with plume. Maybe they’re still looking for a hardware partner for it since Aeotec doesn’t seem interested in that model, but the silence is not helpful.

Well, that’s a conversation for a different thread.

Just wait until next hub comes out this month.
It’s scheduled for debut in March in Korea.
I am talking about SmartThings Home Hub announced on CES 2022

That would be way off topic for this thread. It has no zigbee radio, no Z wave radio, can’t run edge drivers, and isn’t really a hub. Here’s a discussion thread for that one:

Samsung “Home Hub” announced for 2022

Is there any way to add an alexa enabled trigger to the window shade?

Make routine in Alexa to activate virtual switch which then activates your shades. To my knowledge that is the only way to make it work.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I have smart blinds that work with Alexa. I wanted to use the window shade virtual switch with an Alexa routine to enable ST routines, but the virtual window shade doesn’t currently show up as a trigger for Alexa. Right now I’m using the contact sensor which works but I’d like the icon to be the blinds

Ok. I see. I think there is no solution for this. There has been discussion about it in some older threads. You could contact developer and ask if it is possible to add shade icon to it though.

Thank you @TAustin for this solution. It neatly solved my issue of getting Alexa to announce one or more of my garage doors was open between specified hours. I’m already looking forward to replacing all of my virtual switches to achieve (finally!) a lot more local execution.

(Just realized this is my first post in, well, several years!)


Awesome! Glad it met your needs and thanks for posting :+1:t3:

Perfect! Tested and love it. This saves me a ton of time. You are the best bro!


Hey @TAustin really appreciate your hard work with this as I’ve created a lot of virtual devices using your driver…for several months now, so many thanks!

However, two nights ago, I rebooted my SmartThings V.3 hub, and when it came back online, none of the virtual devices that I created with the vEdge Creator were responding.
I have several device types using the V2 driver and they all are inoperable right now. When turning on/activating any of these virtual devices the button will rotate for about 5 seconds, then an error: “A network or server error occurred. Try again later.”

When I try to create a new virtual device using the generator, it will time out after ~5 seconds with the same error as above.

What is interesting is that I still had the v1 drivers installed, so when I change a device from v2 to v1, the device works again.
I can also use the v1 Generator to create a new virtual device, which works (using the old driver), so then I change the v1 device to the v2 driver, and it stops working again.

What is also interesting is that there are NO logs created for the above issues when they occur in the IDE or in the ST app.

I also have several virtual edge devices that use ygerlovin’s drivers with no issues.

I’m assuming I could change all the v2 devices to the v1 driver, then reinstall the v2 drivers and then switch all the devices back to v2? I have SO many drives with complicated routines, that it scares me to uninstall the associated driver – as I believe that would uninstall all the devices using that driver, is that correct?

What are your thoughts?

Here’s the hub’s info:

Hub Firmware version: 000.042.00007
Hub Hardware version: Hub v3 US


  • State: Functional
  • Version: 5.4.0
  • EUI: 286D970002003681
  • Channel: 14
  • Node ID: 0000
  • Pan ID: 82C0
  • OTA: enabled for all devices
  • Unsecure Rejoin: true


  • State: Functional
  • Home ID: D6916F2A
  • Node ID: 01
  • Suc ID: 01
  • Protocol Version: 6.04
  • Region: US