[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

Thank you.

My biggest fear with the impending shut down of Groovy and the IDE was the loss of Virtual Switches and Simulated Alexa Switches.

I connected to your channel, selected the vEdge Creator and ran scan nearby. It silently created the vEdge Creator in No Room Assigned. Using settings in the vEdge Creator I created a virtual contact which includes an on/switch.

I was able to use the Edge virtual contact to trigger an Alexa routine. An added bonus was that the ST automation using the virtual contact runs locally.

The process was super easy.


Can anyone confirm that these (edge) v switches are discoverable to WebCoRE [temporary I know] and IFTTT just need to check something.

They appear to be. I can select them from the webCore Settings ->Available devices screen, although I haven’t actually created a piston using them.

EDIT: not sure about IFTTT


Are these supposed to say “placeholder “ in the ide? I thought they would run locally

I don’t think the IDE is accurately displaying Edge devices right now. I think there may have been a question about that in one of the Edge topics.

They definitely do run locally!

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The author of this thread just solved many users needs. This should stand as an example for all.

I’ve been up 3 hours past my bedtime converting all of my groovy virtual switches to these. …updating IFTTT recipes, WebCoRE pistons and ST automations (and other VSwitches that are linked to IFTTT and Harmony, vacation virtual switches, groupings…etc.,)

@TAustin thank you :pray:
Next: virtual presence.


Did anyone’s icons changed to default device?

Issue: I increased my number of virtual switches from 5 to 9 in the Settings but actually had 5 more created for a total of 10.

Yes. I just noticed when I added more switches that they’d all changed to default. That has been reported with other drivers too. Previously it has taken several hours but this took less than one. I’m assuming the app is being eccentric again.

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I created 1 contact and 1 switch just as a test, I have not yet enrolled them into an automation, at the moment mine still show correct icons
IDE shows placeholder for all 3 items, Vedge creator and both created v devices

Also of interest , at least to me, the vEdge creator does not appear as a device in Home remote but the 2 created devices do and are fully functional, exactly as I would hope :+1: hmm both appeared with a light bulb icon though instead of the correct icons, not a problem as they function as expected

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This is great. (My first Edge driver installation, and works flawlessly!). - Thank you!

Is there any way to have the on/off toggle button on the main tile of the contact sensors (instead of needing to tap into the device), as with Simulated Alexa button DTHs?


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Might also be a good idea for a member of admin to create a new forum section for community created Edge drivers

As far as I am aware @TAustin driver takes first spot


I added six virtual motion sensors and four more switches got added too. Something isn’t working quite right.

I created 32 virtual switches. I deleted 3 accidently. Have a total of 29 now and I can not add the 3 back. Any suggestions?

It is going to be ironic if I end up getting a hub again just to be able to use this edge driver. LOL! :grin:

But it would still be cheaper and easier than all the other weird physical event workarounds.

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The IDE is a part of the legacy ecosystem and that only really has the concept of device type handlers for devices. Device integrations made using the current ecosystem present with ‘placeholder’ device types in the IDE to keep it happy.


I think that could be possible, yes. It would require custom capabilities to do it. I assume you’d still want to see the sensor STATE on the dashboard?

What about others here - would this be desirable?

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I was going to say that you were specially selected to receive bonus devices :clown_face:

This is kind of strange, though; I’ll see if I can reproduce. At any point had you ever set the number back to a LOWER number just to see what would happen?

Not sure how you would implement mirroring for dimmers though when smart lighting goes away.