[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

the problem is just a graphic appearance within smarthings. if I change the switch in plug part in alexa it does not solve the only problem I have that is the graphic part in smarthings

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I am assuming it is possible. Multiple profiles need to be created for virtual driver.
There are some issues with Detail page, but one of Edge drivers that I am using for Zigbee plugs has different profiles that you can select

Anyway this is all in Beta so and hickups are expected

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Thanks . Can I try this driver? It would solve my problem.

This is zigbee only driver

That looks like a useful trick; is the code available? I’d like to see how they are changing the icon dynamically like that. Is it using try_update_metadata device method to change profiles?

Yes, drivers as public and @Mariano_Colmenarejo is sharing his experience with Edge platform. I am testing for him a lot.
I am pretty sure that he will help, as he posted his drivers on Github


Thanks - I was right in how he’s doing it.

@GiacomoF Let me know if the zigbee driver addresses your needs. If not this looks like a simple feature I can add to my virtual driver if it would be useful to you or others.


It would be perfect if you can add the dynamic icon change to your driver.


OK I will make the enhancement. I’ll post here when the driver update is available.

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Optimal. I am sure it will serve many end users. Thank’s for your job

Driver update has been pushed out containing these enhancements:

  1. Virtual switch devices have preference setting to change dashboard icon to either plug or switch
  2. Virtual contact devices have preference setting to change dashboard icon to either light or contact


  • These features will only be available for new devices created with this updated driver.
  • It may take a few minutes for the icon to update after the preference setting has been changed.

perfect. it works.

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I have the ability to change setting from switch to plug but icon is not changing. It’s been about an hour since I made the change. Tried force stopping app and clearing cache. No luck.
Any thoughts?

Try changing it back to switch; wait 10 minutes, then change back to plug then see if it changes. Sometimes setting changes don’t work right.

To change icon appearance, close app and open again. It will change.

@TAustin could you make your momentary button available to use as a switch in Alexa? Thanks for all your hard work it really is appreciated.

To make it even more perfect, you should make sure to hide the contact capability if you choose to use light, that is, it shouldn’t show open / closed under the icon but rather off / on.

So you would want to add a switch to the device?

Is this the behavior you would want?:

Whenever the momentary button is pressed, the switch would toggle from on to off or from off to on. Whenever the switch goes either from on to off or off to on, there would be a momentary button press.

I don’t think I could do this using the standard contact capability (which the device still is, regardless of the icon). I believe contact capabilities will only support open/close states, but I’ll confirm this.

Assuming I’m right, In order to have the flexibility of also supporting on/off It would have to be implemented as a custom capability and then the device would no longer be recognized by Alexa.

The momentary button doesn’t show up in Alexa. The momentary button when pressed executes then goes back into standby ready to be pressed again. To achieve this using open close switch i have to create two routines, one to switch to open and then another to switch back to close to be able to use it again. Having the momentary button show in Alexa would mean i only need to create one routine. I hope this makes sense.